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February 2012 (132 posts)

February 29: Pixel-peeping: Nikon D4 studio test samples at IR [updated with more]
February 29: Rumors: Canon March 2nd invites, CR planning live show
February 29: Panasonic planning camera, smartphone and smart TV interconnectedness
February 29: Sony UK responds to no-more-DSLRs with non-denial denial
February 29: Hands-on & pre-production samples w/new Cybershots (HX200v, HX20v, etc)
February 29: Curiosity factor: Lytro review at dpreview (and more!) [updated]
February 28: Canon Instant Rebates with 5DMk2, 7D, 60D, T3i, T2i and T3
February 28: Cameraholic Digest: Samsung NX200 review at dpreview & ORB hunting & lots more
February 28: Privacy PSA: Delete Google Web/YouTube history before March 1st (if you want to)
February 28: New 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Note tablet competing with Wacom graphics tablets?
February 28: (ENDED) Deal alert: Corel AfterShot Pro for $50 (download)
February 27: Recap: 10 new Sony Cybershots today (eight with 10x or higher zoom)
February 27: New Sony Cybershot HX200v superzoom (30x zoom)
February 27: New Sony 16x to 20x superzooms: HX30v, HX20v, HX10v and H90
February 27: New Sony Cybershot TX66 and TX20 backlit CMOS waterproofs
February 27: New Sony Cybershot WX150, WX100, W690 grow to 10x optical zooms
February 27: In-stock today: Canon G1x for $800
February 27: Canon 5D Mark III: pictures leaked? March 2nd arrival?
February 27: Officially available now: Photoshop Touch (iPad 2 version) for $10
February 27: Megapixel Rage: 41-megapixel 1/1.2" Nokia camera-phone [update: 3 JPEG samples]
February 26: Canon 1D X officially pushed to late April
February 26: Fuji X-Pro1 full-size JPEG samples in DC Watch review
February 26: False Start: Photoshop Touch for iPad prematurely appears in iTunes
February 25: Sony Semiconductor publishes details on new 18mp 1/2.3" sensor
February 24: Making it easier to get to all our brand-specific updates (eg Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc)
February 24: Flickr implements Pinterest code to block pins of protected pictures [updated]
February 24: Cameraholic Digest: Canon interview, Reviews (E-M5, G1x, S100, X10, etc), Geekery
February 23: Deals (Adobe Student & Teacher) and In-stock (A77, A65, D7000) alerts
February 23: Cameraholic Digest: E-M5, D4/D800s, GRD4, GX1, NEX-7, etc
February 22: Pinterest, sharing other people's images and copyright issues
February 22: Rumors: next Canon 5D, lenses (pancake!), flashes & new D-Rebel
February 22: Blog Updates, Bug Fixes and Infrastructure updates
February 22: Interview: ex-Olympus-CEO Woodward at Amateur Photographer UK
February 21: Olympus E-M5 hands-on with dpreview
February 21: Interview with Flickr: makeover this year, starting February 28
February 21: New Nissin MG8000 flash promises 1000+ without overheating
February 21: Nokia teases Image Quality ahead of February 27 announcement
February 21: OlympusGate: Sony rumorette, Fear of Japanese banks control, Executive in India suicide
February 20: Hot Cameras Sleepless Nights: Canon G1x, Olympus E-M5, K-01, M9p, P7100, etc
February 20: Pentax interview with PentaxForums is finally translated
February 20: Patent watch: Canon 18-45mm f3.5-5.6 lens (29-70mm eq) for mirrorless
February 20: New Pocket Wizard Plus III Transceiver is revealed
February 19: Stock Status pages updated (14 cameras updated)
February 19: Weekend Shopper: Used Fuji X100 for $841, etc
February 18: Camera reviews mini-site updated
February 18: Hot Cameras Sleepless Nights: Olympus E-M5, Fuji X-Pro1, Nikon D800s, etc
February 18: Lens Reviews mini-site updated with more reviews
February 18: Hiring: dpreview (mobile photography guru) and Pinwheel
February 18: Rollei announces new P&S with front and back LCD displays
February 17: dpreview confirms Fuji X10 ORBs not fixed by latest firmware
February 17: Olympus E-M5 hands-on at Quesabesde
February 17: Interview with Fuji: 120,000 X10 (X-Tens) sold in 2011
February 16: Rumor surprise: Sony planning an Alpha A600 DSLR with standard mirror and OVF?
February 16: Pre-production Olympus E-M5 ISO-range color charts (resized to 1600x1200)
February 16: Deal for Expert Gearheads: USED Fuji X10 for $417 (SOLD-OUT: used LX5)
February 16: Fuji X-Pro1 full-size samples (27 JPEGs) at LensTip
February 16: Interview with Nikon: D800E talk, more dSLR(s) coming, D700 not dead
February 16: Business news: Arrests at Olympus, nearly $1 billion for Kodak
February 15: Pentax road-maps lenses for K-, Q- and 645- mounts (2012 & beyond)
February 15: dpreview posts Canon G1x studio test samples
February 15: New Adobe Photoshop CS6 trailer: Content Aware
February 15: Apple sues Kodak over patents (going after non-cancelled products)
February 15: (REMOVED) Plenty of Olympus E-M5 JPEG and RAW samples at FN
February 14: Catching up with the Canons (G1x reviews, 1D X action, and rumors)
February 14: Lensbaby announces new tiltable Edge 80 creature (reviewed already)
February 14: Interview: Panasonic planning "very high end model"
February 14: Fuji X10 ORB fix no fix says DC Resource
February 14: (ENDED) Discount alert: Lightroom 3 (full version) for $80
February 13: Impact review: Panasonic GX1 at dpreview
February 13: Catching up with the Fujis (X-Pro1, X100, X10, X-S1)
February 13: Silver Lining: Olympus camera business losses are improving
February 13: Curiosity factor: Sigma SD1 Merrill gets a review
February 12: Catching up with the Olympus E-M5 (after the announcement)
February 12: Catching up with the Nikon D800/D800E (after the announcement) [and some D4 too]
February 12: Stock Status pages updated (16 cameras updated)
February 11: Camera Reviews mini-site updated (13 new ones since Feb-1)
February 11: Lens Reviews mini-site updated (12 new ones since Feb-1)
February 10: Rumor+Speculation: 24mp Dalsa full frame CCD for Leica M10?
February 10: Reactions to the Kodak announcement in the photo-blogo-forum-sphere
February 10: CP+ 2012 Round-Up Episode II: The Trade Show Menace
February 10: Twitter Teasers: Panasonic Spain says new G-series coming
February 9: Canon rumors gone wild: 5D line-up split on megapixels, more lenses, 3D fantasies
February 9: (DEAD) Discount: Elements 10 (Photoshop & Premiere bundle) for $74 [limited time]
February 9: Mirrorless Big In Japan: CIPA publishes DSLR vs Mirrorless shipment data by region
February 9: Fuji showing M-mount adapter for X-Pro at CP+
February 9: CP+ 2012 Trade Show Floor round-up (E-M5, X-Pro, D800, Merrills, K-01, etc)
February 9: Kodak will stop making digital cameras (phase out by June 2012)
February 9: What's inside a Lytro camera? (teardown)
February 8: Pre-Orders summary: Olympus E-M5, Nikon D800/D800E, Canon lenses, Powershots, etc
February 8: Pentax and Ricoh cameras will move under Pentax control
February 8: Sony shows new NEX roadmap for 2012 & 2013
February 8: New Canon SX260 and SX240 superzooms [tape-delayed news]
February 8: New Canon Elph 530HS (12x) & Elph 320HS (5x) with Wifi [tape-delayed news]
February 8: Canon launches 2nd waterproof Powershot - the D20 [tape-delayed news]
February 8: Canon launches six A-series P&S compacts [tape-delayed news]
February 8: Sigma reveals two new APS-C prime cameras: the DP1 and DP2 Merrill
February 8: Sigma SD1 Price Wars Episode II: The Discount Menace (new SD1-Merrill for $2300)
February 7: New Olympus M-Zuiko 75mm f1.8 and 60mm f2.8 macro (M43rds) lenses
February 7: New Olympus E-M5 is officially announced!
February 7: New Olympus SZ31-MR and SH25-MR superzooms
February 7: New Olympus TG-820 and TG-620 elementproof cameras
February 7: New Sony Alpha 500mm f4G SSM lens
February 7: Nikon D800 made in Japan says Nikon UK
February 7: Pentax pre-announces new lenses (645, K-, Q-) , adapter (K-lens to Q-body), silver Q, 645D tethering
February 7: New Pentax WG-2 elementproof camera (with and without GPS options)
February 7: Existential Questions: what exactly is the Nikon D800E low pass filter situation?
February 7: Rumors: Canon 5D Mark X coming February 28 for $2700 [updated]
February 6: Canon announces a wave of new SX, Elph and A-series Powershots
February 6: Canon announces new 24/2.8 IS, 28/2.8 IS, and 24-70/2.8L II lenses
February 6: New 36-megapixel Nikon D800 and D800E full frame DSLRs are officially announced
February 6: Technical video interview with Nikon at Megapixel
February 6: New Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 lens for M43rds is official
February 6: New Casio EX-ZR20 (16mp, 8x 25-200mm eq)
February 6: Sigma has a new CEO, the son of their founder
February 6: New Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 Di VC (stabilized full frame with motor)
February 6: Software specials round-up: free trials, ACDSee 5 Pro, Elements, etc (ENDED: Adobe CS5.5 DP)
February 6: (OFFICIAL) Leakages: Pictures of three upcoming Canon lenses and Powershot names
February 4: Weekly Rewind: new Pentax K-01, Ricoh 16mp GXR 24-85, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony compacts, and much more
February 4: Picture #39000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
February 4: Chasseur d'Image goes #OccupyNikon, posts Nikon D800 specs
February 4: Pictures of first Olympus OM-D M43rds camera leaking on the internets
February 3: CP+: Tokina will be showing 70-200mm f4 SLR lens and 300mm mirror (M43rds)
February 2: Pre-Orders round-up: Fuji X-Pro1, Pentax K-01, Nikon P510, Panasonic TZ
February 2: Samples: Canon G1x and Leica M9p (studio) and Fuji X-S1 (real-world)
February 2: Pentax K-mount lens roadmap for 2012 and 2013 is heavy on zooms
February 2: New Pentax K-01 mirrorless and 40/2.8 XS pancake are official [updated]
February 1: New 16mp Ricoh GXR A16 24-85mm f3.5-5.5 sensor+lens module
February 1: C-mount lenses for M43rds, Nikon CX, and Pentax Q at CP+
February 1: Leakages: Pentax K-mirrorless and 40mm f2.8 XS pancake
February 1: New cameras not mentioned previously: Nikon L130 superzoom, Sony W670 and W650
February 1: Coming soon: NikonCine Alexa mount by Hot Rod Cameras
February 1: Yahoo layoffs impact Flickr (reactions in the photo-blogo-sphere)


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