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February 20, 2012

Hot Cameras Sleepless Nights: Canon G1x, Olympus E-M5, K-01, M9p, P7100, etc

Time to round-up the action with some of the latest "hot cameras" that are giving some photographers "sleepless nights".

Canon G1x
+ new reviews at What Digital Camera and Pocket Lint and Digital Camera Info and CNet Reviews
+ reference: list of reviews and pre-orders page

Olympus E-M5
+ hands-on at Amateur Photographer UK and Photography Blog (two pages!) and Kamera & Bild (computer-translated)
+ lots of real-world JPEG samples (1600x1200) at Photography Blog (Olympus Samples Police won't let anything larger than 1600x1200)
+ short video showing one 9fps burst via Foto Actualidad [moved to correct section!]
+ reference: pre-orders page

Fuji X-System
+ interview with Fuji at DSLR Magazine (computer-translated)
+ samples from the beach by Brandom Remler (blog-size resolution, not full-size)
+ reference: pre-orders page

Pentax K-01
+ autofocus video demos via RiceHigh
+ brief hands-on at CNet Asia
+ Yvon Bourque is planning a K-01 e-book in PDF and iBooks
+ comedy central: pancake lens with actual ...pancakes at Focus Numerique
+ reference: pre-orders page

Digital Rangefinders
+ Leica M9p review at Imaging Resource

Compacts with RAW
+ completed Nikon Coolpix P7100 review at dpreview
+ more Coolpix P7100 reviews

Lukewarm Cameras, Snoring Nights [EXPERIMENTAL SEGMENT]
+ Polaroid Z340 hipster-bait camera review at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ Panasonic TZ30/ZS20 preview at Trusted Reviews and studio test samples at Imaging Resource
+ Panasonic ZS7 review at CNet UK
+ Panasonic ZS1 slim-zoom full-size samples (including ISO color charts) at ePhotozine
+ Olympus SZ21 review at CNet Review

Review Reference Pages
+ completed lens reviews
+ completed camera reviews (serious, advanced or unusual/intriguing mid-range cameras only)

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