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February 12, 2012

Catching up with the Nikon D800/D800E (after the announcement) [and some D4 too]

And now it is time to catch up with the Nikon D800 and D800E. This post attempts to cover items that were posted after the initial announcement, that have not been included in our previous CP+ round-ups...

+ Nikon told Tech Radar why the D800 has a fixed screen - professionals don't like tilting screens
+ Nikon also told Tech Radar that 36-megapixels is about offering choice
+ Nikon planning to produce 30,000 units per month in Sendai::Japan via Bernama, Imaging Resource
+ Made in Japan was also confirmed to Am Pho UK earlier and separately

Nikon D800 Hands-Ons
+ first look at Digital Camera Info
+ preview at Trusted Reviews
+ hands-on at DSLR Magazine (computer-translated)
+ hands-on at Dxomark (no data measurements yet)
+ hands-on at CNet Asia
+ hands on and some slides at
+ hands on at CNet UK

Hands-on with the D800 videos
+ 5-minute hands-on with the camera video at Quesabesde
+ Wearing them on the Neck comparison (D700 vs D800) at Kamera & Bild (3-minute video) [in Swedish]
+ 8-minute video interview with camera around at Kamera & Bild (in Swedish)

Sample Pictures
+ real-world full-size at (via Foto Actualidad)

Videos recorded with D800
+ rounded-up at Photography Bay and P3 News and Pocket Lint
+ opinion on the videos and video features at EOS-HD and Philip Bloom

+ I stand by the Nikon D4 (after the D800/D800E announcement) says Terry White
+ Decision Indecision at Luminescent Photo
+ is the D800E sharper asks Kim Letkeman
+ Diglloyd opines on the D800/E features (free to read, not behind the paywall)
+ Why is the MB-D12 battery grip so expensive ask the F/Stoppers (the initial price was $500 at announcement time, but when we updated the stock status page earlier today, it was down to $450. Still, compared to previous MB-D grips...)
+ thanks but no thanks says Foto Biz
+ Megapixels are like water said Kwasi in a Featured Comment at TOP [page down at TOP to see the whole quote]
+ Fake Chuck opines on the D800 and also D800 vs 1D X [caution: strong language may offend sensitive eyes]

Nikon D800/D800E pre-orders
+ stock status page - Amazon has ran out of pre-orders but the other retailers continue to accept pre-orders

Even more press releases
+ PhotoXels
+ PP Mag
+ PhotoComment

Nikon D4
+ D4 video capabilities by Johnnie Behiri at Cinema 5D and DSLR News Shooter
+ Nikon planning to produce 5,000 D4 cameras per month (see D800 Newsbytes)
+ NEF Codec 1.13 for Windows - via Galbraith

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