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February 14, 2012

Catching up with the Canons (G1x reviews, 1D X action, and rumors)

We are still trying to catch up with things that happened during the CP+ Announcement-a-Geddon! Time now to catch up with all things Canon that were not previously mentioned in the CP+ round-ups.

You can also check our previously posted "Catching up with" updates on the Fujis (yes, they can sing; X-Pro, X100, X10, X-S1), Olympus E-M5 (yes, it can om), and the Nikon D800/D800E and D4.

+ new reviews at Photography Blog and Engadget
+ Imaging Resource has added Image Quality analysis to their on-going G1x review (page-down to their "Canon G1 X Image Quality" section)
+ ISO-range crops at Les Numeriques
+ on G1x sensor size (vs GH1 sensor size) at M43photo
+ Canon Nikon told Techradar the G1x is for Canon fanboys
+ user manuals: available for download - via Galbraith
+ reference: completed reviews at reviews mini-site, pre-orders at pre-orders mini-site

+ Quesabesde asked sports photographers: Canon 1D X or Nikon D4 (computer-translatese)
+ hands on with Ron Mart (via CR)
+ 1D X Technical Repor(t) at the Canon Chimera Museum (via Canon Rumors)
+ six JPEG samples (four sports, two portraits) by Canon Japan (via NL, FA, RG)

+ paragraph long first impressions of new 24-70/2.8L II at Canon Rumors forums
+ on the Canon L naming scheme at TOP

+ some rumor-chatter at Canon Rumors says that we may not get a 7D Mark II
+ false alarm: the 5D Mark III book that showed up online could have been a hoax/error/etc says Canon Rumors
+ Northlight Rumors rumorizes that Canon dude told CP+ journalists that Canon can easily do a Nikon D800 type of a camera

+ three years since Canon tried to strong-arm Automattic/ to shut down Fake Chuck Westfall. To their credit, Automattic/ said NO when the easy way out would have been to cave in to mega-corp. That's why our corporate overlords are pushing ACTAs, SOPAs, PIPAs, and the like, so no one will be allowed to say NO to them :)

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