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February 09, 2012

Canon rumors gone wild: 5D line-up split on megapixels, more lenses, 3D fantasies

The unknown is almost always more exciting that the known, and the world of Canon DSLRs is swimming in a sea of unknowns!

+ Northlight rumorizes the return of the split 5D line-up rumors (5D X and 5D Mark III), this time the split is on the number of megapixels
+ Canon Rumors rumorizes that 2012 will be a record-breaking year in new Canon lens announcements
+ Kuaddro rumorizes a 40mp Canon 3D but you may want to take that with a grain of sea-salt: in a newer rumor, Kuaddro posted a Sony A99 rumor that cites as a source a 1-page blog filled-with-ads of every kind including an Amazon affiliate link that reads like debt management. Apparently the MFA farms have discovered camera rumors. Soy vey! Not good!!! (this does not bode well for anything else Kuaddro has previously posted)
+ via Foto Actualidad
+ previous rumors of a Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D at CP+ obviously did not materialize, but the pattern was there, both the T3i/600D and T2i/550D came out in early February of 2011 and 2010 respectively and the T1i/500D in early March 2009. A few times before Canon announced more than one DSLR on a single day. And there's always more trade shows coming...

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