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February 23, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: E-M5, D4/D800s, GRD4, GX1, NEX-7, etc

With a staggering 700+ new cameras from the major manufacturers since CES 2009, and the rate of new camera announcements accelerating this year (120+ in 2012 so far), we are trying to find ways to cover things that do not lead down to the path of insanity :) One thing is certain, we can't chase after 700+ cameras and we can't chase after every review of those 700+ cameras. And even if we could, how many photographers would be willing to sift through all that on a daily basis? The number of hours per day remains at 24, both for photographers and for this blog :)

So we will be experimenting with different ways of covering things that focus on the more serious or advanced or professional or interesting or unusual or intriguing digital cameras. Perhaps something along the lines of a more narrow-focused version of our "Photography Soup" round-ups from the pre-announcement-flood days at the old Blogspot blog in 2008. Back then, we actually had the luxury of time to cover non-gear subjects. Back then, a new serious camera announcement was an event. Now, announcements are like the rain in Portlandia :)

For a steady stream of completed reviews, with very easy access to previous/older reviews [click on the camera name in the Category/Tags/Labels of any blog-post there], the place to go are the dedicated review stream mini-sites for digital camera reviews (only serious, advanced, interesting cameras are covered) and lens reviews.

With that as a necessary preface, here is some of the latest action:

+ hands-on with the Olympus E-M5 at ePhotoZine
+ dpreview interviewed four professional photographers on their thoughts on the Nikon D4 and D800/D800E
+ video interview with Nikon France at Focus Numerique (there is no computer-translation for streaming audio/video as far as I can tell)
+ real-world RAW (.DNG) and JPEG samples from the Pentax 645D at Photography Blog
+ Panasonic GX1 reviews at Quesabesde (computer translation) and Kamera & Bild (computer-translation)
+ Sony NEX-7 review in five parts by Bjorn Uptott (see links in right sidebar of his blog)

Fixed Lens
+ not forgotten: new Ricoh GRD IV reviews at ePhotozine and Pocket Lint
+ Ricoh GRD IV getting new firmware with four new features says Imaging Resource
+ Canon G1x review at Pop Photo
+ Panasonic TZ30/ZS20 samples at DC Resource

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