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January 01, 2012

Year in Review (Episode #3): The Interchangeable Lens Cameras by numbers (Mirrorless vs DSLRs)

Happy New Year! Time for episode #3 in our on-going Year in Review soap-opera. Today's episode focuses on the interchangeables of 2011 which brought us 20-something newly announced interchangeable lens (or sensor-thing) cameras... [UPDATE: Added a new chart at the bottom, Cameras by Mount]

The Interchangeable Lens Cameras Snapshot

interchangeable lens cameras in 2011 by mirrorness

Charts speak louder than words in this case! You can find the complete list of cameras in the above chart in the section below.

"Mirrorness", at least for the purposes of this post is defined to mean "state of a camera with regards to having or not having a mirror and if yes, what type". After you read this blog-post, this definition will self-destruct ;-)

DSLRs with proper mirror (5)
+ Canon 1D X and Digital Rebel T3i/600D and T3/1100D
+ Nikon D5100
+ Sigma SD1 (the last of its many announcements)

DSLRs with pellicle-mirror (3)
+ Sony Alpha A77, A65, A35

Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (15)
+ Nikon V1 and J1
+ Olympus E-Pen E-PL2, E-P3, E-PL3, and E-PM1
+ Panasonic G3, GF3, GX1
+ Pentax Q
+ Samsung NX11, NX200
+ Sony NEX-7, NEX-5n, NEX-C3

Alternative/Indie/Modern-Modular (1)
+ Ricoh GXR A12 M-mount

Digital Video with large sensor and stills-camera mount (2)
+ Canon EOS Cinema C300
+ Sony NEX-VG20

Number of iLCies by Manufacturer

bar chart showing number of iLC cameras announced in 2011 by manufacturer

Interchangeable Lens Camera Announcements by Month
The announcements of the interchangeable lens cameras did not follow the same pattern as the fixed lens cameras in 2011 as you can see at the chart embedded below, with the "hot spots" circled John Madden style in shiny lime green. June was the most noteworthy as we had more interchangeable lens camera announcements than fixed lens cameras. On the other hand, if an alien fell from the sky in January 2011 and only saw the January announcements, the alien would have thought that no one uses interchangeable lens cameras on this crazy planet ;-)

bar chart showing camera announcements by month in 2011

Cameras by Mount

bar chart showing cameras by mount in 2011

Notes and Footnotes
+ the Ricoh GXR A12 M-mount and Digital Video iL-cameras are shown above but they are not included in the totals in the charts (since the GXR is not an actual camera and the digital video cameras are video cameras)
+ the Leica M9p is essentially a special edition of the M9, that's why it is not included. If you believe otherwise, please feel free to make a case for it
+ this post only covers the cameras that were announced in 2011
+ if you republish any of the images from this post, please make sure you include the proper credit/link/reference and please do not hotlink images
+ typos, errors and confusions are always a possibility

Reference Material
+ Cameras of 2011

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