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January 09, 2012

The Biggest Announcements of CES/PMA 2012 so far

What a crazy day! We had a wave of new product announcements today! Time to recap the biggest announcements of CES/PMA 2012 (so far anyway)... Spoiler Alert: if you want to cheat, jump straight to the list of new cameras in 2012 so far, with 70+ different models and it's only January 9!

Fuji launches new X mirrorless interchangeable system
+ launch of a brand new system
+ long announcement round-up with X-Pro 1 camera and three prime lenses
+ the X-system is not available for pre-order yet but we are keeping track of it at the newly launched X-Pro 1 and lenses pre-order and stock status page
+ new limited edition black Fuji X100

Canon G1x with large sensor and 28-112mm eq lens
+ long announcement round-up of Canon G1x with large sensor (between M43rds and APS-C size) and 4X (28-112mm) fixed lens
+ recap of archived Live Q&A with Chuck Westfall at Imaging Resource (Westfall says camera's JPEG output beats EOS 7D at any ISO)
+ pre-orders for $800 available at Amazon and Adorama and B&H Photo

Nikon D4 speed-demon DSLR
+ Nikon D4 announcement round-up of new speed-demon full-frame DSLR for $6000
+ came out January 6, but it feels like a month ago ;-)
+ pre-orders available at multiple retailers - see D4 pre-orders page

New Lenses from Panasonic and Sigma and Nikon
+ Panasonic surprises with four converter lenses for select compact M43rds lenses (14mm f2.5 and 14-42mm X)
+ new Sigma line of DN lenses created for mirrorless systems starting with the 19/2.8 and 30/2.8 for NEX and M43rds
+ Sigma 180mm f2.8 EX OS DG HSM macro with 1:1 reproduction
+ Nikon 85mm f1.8G for $500 (35mm full frame lens)

New Fixed Lens Cameras from many manufacturers
+ Samsung: three superzooms with Wifi and a few entry-levels
+ Olympus - at least 12 new cameras, four 20X+ superzooms, and many more P&S models
+ Panasonic: new SZ-series of 10x slim-zooms and a few entry-levels
+ Canon Elph 520HS and 110HS - slim zoom and P&S
+ Kodak M570 - first Kodak with Wifi
+ Sony - new Cybershots (W-/S-series), Bloggie with Live Broadcasting/Wifi and Handycams
+ Casio - four new P&S, two more were previously announced in late 2011
+ I am impressed with my show of restraint, I haven't mentioned the landfills yet {OOPS!!!}

+ Corel launches AfterShot Pro photo workflow software based on Bibble to compete with Lightroom and Aperture with a $100 price and free trial
+ Adobe launches Lightroom 4 beta software
+ the SD Association has agreed on a SD/SDHC/SDXC wireless standard
+ during this week we will pick up whatever else we missed during today's wild crazy madness
+ during the week we may also get development notices or future talk from manufacturers during various interviews and trade show booth visits

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