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January 09, 2012

Westfall: Canon G1x better than EOS 7D in JPEG ISO (at Live Q&A at Imaging Resource)

The Imaging Resource Canon G1x Live Q&A with Chuck Westfall has ended! The session is archived at Imaging Resource so you can check it out again. Unanswered questions will be answered at a later time by Westfall and added to the IR page.

Many interesting answers were given. Perhaps the biggest quote of the event was the comment by Westfall that with JPEGs, the Canon G1x is better at any ISO than the EOS 7D thanks to the DIGIC 5. Here is the exact quote word by word (to make sure I don't mis-paraphrase):

"(Chuck W) - Closest comparison is to cameras like the 7D and 60D, because it uses the same pixel pitch. The G1X is actually lower noise than the 7D, because it's the latest generation of the DIGIC, the DIGIC 5. Can't speak to RAW because I haven't seen it, but the JPEGs and videos are definitely cleaner at any given ISO than the 7D's. I can speak to that personally because I tested it myself."

For a refresher on the Canon G1x, here is our announcement round-up...

Meanwhile, if you missed the Imaging Resource Nikon D4 Live Q&A, fear not, you can read the Archive.

If you want to multitask (or put the two-screen set-up to good use), you can also watch a live video feed of the last Microsoft/Ballmer CES keynote live at with Microsoft gurus Paul Thurrott (not Thoreaux) and Mary Jo Foley doing the pre-game show and in-game analysis.

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