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January 09, 2012

Samsung announces more Wifi-cameras with three superzooms

The Samsung CES event brought us some new digital cameras, but no NX/interchangeable-lens-cameras and no serious compacts. The main theme of this announcement is Wifi, with a quartet having the magic power of Wifi. "Smart" was another theme that they have attached to a variety of products, including digital cameras. More details after the jump...

Three superzooms with Wifi
All three of Samsung's new cameras that have the Wifi feature are superzooms. These three along with the dual-screen DF300F that was announced last week. The final "F" in their model name is the sign of the Wifi feature.

The leader of the pack is the WB850F, with a 16mp backlit CMOS sensor, 1080p video,, and a 21x optical zoom lens, and a 3-inch VGA AMOLED screen. Samsung is getting a lot of praise for their AMOLED screens used in their flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Next up we have the WB150F with a 18x optical zoom lens and a 14mp non-backlit sensor.

Rounding up the superzooms is the ST200F with a "mere" 10x optical zoom lens. Just like the WB150F, it has records 720p video.

Other Samsung cameras
Samsung also announced a trio of entry-level P&S cameras, the ST88, ST77 and ST66. The model numbers flow nicely :)

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