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January 17, 2012

Reviews (Fuij X10, Canon S100, Pentax Q, Sony V3, Lumix GX1, J1 vs X10/NEX-C3, etc)

Time for the first post-CES/PMA regular review round-up! It has been two weeks since our previous review round-up, so we probably missed more reviews than usual during this time... For CES/PMA-related cameras, check today's CES/PMA round-up post. This post covers pre-PMA-CES camera gear... Lens reviews as usual can be found at the Lens Reviews silo and completed camera reviews of serious/interesting/non-P&S cameras can be found at the camera reviews silo...

+ Corey Rich's "Why" video commissioned by Nikon at Nikon blog
+ BBC uses the Canon 7D as a CES camera - via Amateur Photographer UK

+ Sony NEX-7 at Photography Blog
+ Panasonic GX1 tested out at DXoMark - see also their review analysis
+ Nikon V1 and J1 two-for-one review at The Digital Outback Photo
+ Nikon V1 final at Luminescent Photo
+ Nikon J1 at Pop Photo
+ Pentax Q at Steve's DigiQams
+ working with the Sony NEX-5n for video broadcast at Cinema 5Dn

+ Nikon J1 vs Fuji X10 at Ryan Brenizer
+ Nikon J1 vs Sony NEX-C3 at DigitalReview

Compacts avec RAW
+ Fuji X10 at NeoCamera and Register Hardware
+ Fuji X10 gets DxoMarked - see earlier blog-post on it
+ Canon S100 at PDN online and Thew's Reviews
+ Ricoh GRD IV at Steve's Digicams IV
+ Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium at Tech Radar
+ resurrection ship: Sony V3 at Photographic Central

+ Fuji F600EXR and F550EXR double-header analysis at DXoMark
+ Ricoh CX6 at Photography Blog

P&S Cameras
+ Sony Cybershot TX100v at DP Interface

Film Cameras
+ Fuji GA645Zi at Thew's Review's

Digital Video
+ "Bob the Aviator" short doc with Canon C300 at DSLR News Shooter
+ last installments of Canon C300 Cinema EOS by Bui Bros
+ 73-minute video of Larry Thorpe Canon EOS Cinema C300 presentation via Planet 5D

Beyond Cameras
+ Corel AfterShot Pro at Photo Review
+ Adobe Lightroom 3 at PentaxForums
+ Impact-1 floodlight umbrella kit at Pentax Umbrella Forums
+ Manfrotto Q5 with 755CX3 at ThePBG
+ Giottos MTL9351b tripod at eTripodZine

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