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January 04, 2012

Revealeaked: Canon G1X with 1.5-inch 14mp CMOS sensor [updated]

The camera has now been offically announced by Canon. Check the announcement for all the details. The post below is the rumor phase of the camera and will no longer be updated!

ORIGINAL POST during the RUMOR phase of the CAMERA
Following the same routine as before [the WF Advisors {WF article has been removed!}; forgot the link in original post], the new Canon G-series flagship is revealed, with a 1.5-inch 14-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 4X (28-112mm equivalent) optical zoom lens with a starting aperture of f2.5, 14-bit RAW, and a starting price of $800. A very interesting twist, since Nikon's compact mirrorless system uses a 1-inch sensor.

UPDATE #2: There is a lot of sensor size debate as to whether this is actually 1.5" as the WF article said or WF mistyped 1/1.5" as 1.5" (they had some other mistyped things which muddies the waters). Keep in mind this notation is not an actual sensor size dimension. For a refresher on this confusing duality, check the dpreview Glossary. Size-wise, a 1.5" sensor sits between M43rds and APS-C sensors.

UPDATE #1: One thing I forgot to mention during last night's haze is that this is mentioned in an article that talks about Wifi cameras, so we can assume that by association, the G1X will have a Wifi/wireless feature of sorts.

This will undoubtedly make things more interesting with the fixed-lens cameras. Before this, we had a big gap, on one side of the gap we had the 1.7x Foveon Sigma DP-series and the Fuji X100, and on the other side of the gap we had the 1/1.x" and the occasional 2/3" cameras. The new Canon will *oh dear* bridge the gap!

Some can argue that based on the reviews, opinions and samples from the Nikon 1-inch system so far, the 1-inch system has exceeded expectations. So can a camera with a larger sensor and a versatile fixed lens offer a compelling trade-off versus a compact mirrorless system? (at least for photographers who don't want to invest in a half a dozen different interchangeable systems?) It doesn't take a Debbie Downer to speculate that some of the many new interchangeable and non-interoperable camera systems will likely not survive the future.

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