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January 04, 2012

Recap: LEAKS (Canon G1X, Fuji mirrorless, Nikon D4) and OFFICIAL (30 new Fuji cameras!)

All apologies for the carpet bombing of the front page of the blog, but Fuji has just announced 30 (thirty!!!!) new fixed lens digital cameras! This is decidedly a new world record for a single announcement! In addition, there were some exciting leaks hitting the internets as well...

+ Canon G1x - now officially announced... Canon G1X - 14mp 1.5-inch CMOS sensor with 4X optical zoom
+ Fuji X-Pro 1 camera with three prime lenses - 16mp APS-C CMOS mirrorless camera, three bright primes
+ Nikon D4 - now officially announced... Nikon D4 - 16mp 35mm full frame speed-demon

The biggest takeaway from this litter is that Fuji does not believe in camera birth control but more seriously, superzooms are becoming even more prominent. Every single one of the 30 cameras has a zoom ratio of 5X or more, even the folded-optics and elementproofs. 12 13 [recount!] of the 30 have a zoom ratio of 20X or more, three two [recount!] more are at 10X, a handful at 8X, and the rest at 5X. The proliferation of smartphones have the camera manufacturers zooming to the moon and back!

Here there are:
+ Fuji X-S1 gets a price of $800 (available for pre-order at Adorama)
+ Fuji HS30-EXR and HS25-EXR - split on LiIon/AA, but LiIon gets the ...lion share of photographer-desirable features :(
+ three new F-EXR travel-zooms but only one gets RAW and GPS
+ four new S-series superzooms - in CCD we trust (24x to 30x zoom ratios)
+ four new SL-series of superzooms - mirroring S-series in features but with LiIon battery and hot-shoe
+ three XP-series elementproofs - they get CMOS sensors
+ two new Z-series models - one with CMOS EXR sensor
+ two T-series 10x zooms - affordables
+ ten entry-levels - all CCDs, in the JZ, JX and AX series (just ship them to a landfill and be done with them!)
+ brochures (and eventually user manuals) of many of the new Fujis on the individual camera pages through the website

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