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January 05, 2012

Nikon D4 officially announced, with previews available!

The Nikon D4, Nikon's new speed-demon full-frame DSLR is now officially announced and previewed! The action begins nao! The camera will ship in February for $6000 in the US market and for 5800 euro in continental Europe and 4800 GBP in UK. For future availability, check the newly-launched Nikon D4 pre-orders page.

Nikon D4 Previews and Touchings
+ Shooting with Nikon D4 by Joe McNally
+ pictures, text and video preview at ePhotozine
+ hands-on and body pictures at dpnow
+ overview at Imaging Resource
+ overview at dpreview
+ preview of iPhone/iPad control at Pocket Lint
+ text-based hands-on at PDN Pulse
+ hands-on at The Verge
+ 38 camera body pictures at Photography Blog
+ lots of camera body pictures at Pocket Lint
+ text-based preview at CNet UK
+ camera body pictures at Fotopolis [computer translated]
+ DPhotographer UK
+ Tech Radar (may get pop-up ads)
+ 30-minute video talking about touching the camera earlier on by FroKnowsPhoto (the camera in hand is not the D4)

Reference material
+ Nikon UK presentation slides at Photography Blog (also available as downloadable PDF - 37.8MB - 49 slides) [spoiler alert: they did the "one more thing" thing on the iPhone/iPad slide {slide #28}]
+ Nikon Imaging page

Netcast Discussion (recorded at announcement time)
+ replay of 54-minute Spreecast (video, audio and text chat) with FroKnowsPhoto (requires Flash)

Sample Picture #FAIL
+ around VGA size (!) samples by Nikon [are they serious???]
+ interestingly the lady with the snakes (4th picture) was not included at the equivalent Japanese page

Press Release Parade
+ dpreview
+ Imaging Resource
+ Focus Numerique
+ dc resource
+ Le Monde de la Photo
+ Photoscala
+ Bob Atkins
+ PhotoXels

+ Amateur Photographer UK
+ Pop Photo
+ Through the Looking Glass

Nikon 60-second promo video

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