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January 09, 2012

New Panasonic SZ7 and SZ1 slim-zooms (10x) and many entry-levels

Panasonic's new fixed lens digital cameras did not get a mention during the live-blogging, but they did get the dignity of a press release ;-) Panasonic is launching a new tongue-twisting sub-line of Lumix P&S cameras, the SZ-series, not to be confused with the ZS-series. The new SZ-series (ZS7 and ZS1) are slim compact-zooms, with a 10x Leica-branded optical zoom lens with a 25-250mm (eq) ratio. The ZS7 has a MOS sensor which gives it the magic power of 10fps, while the ZS1 is punished with a CCD sensor which means it is turtle-speed burst mode.

UPDATE: Some of the cameras mentioned below are overlapping: the FH8 is the FS45, the FH6 is the FS40, the FH4 is the FS28. The S5 and S2 are separate. This is revealed by the press release.

Recount (see above): On the entry-level front, they have announced the FH8, FH6, FS45, FS40, S5 and S2. So many shiny silvers, so little time, and so little space at the landfills ;-)

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