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January 09, 2012

(ENDED) Live-blogging and video feed of Sony Press Conference at CES/PMA

The Sony live-blogging ended. You can see archives of the video feed and live-blogging events after the jump...

UPDATE (9:18pm NYC time): Answering questions on cameras: Catching up on huge demand for NEX-7, thinks supply will be better early February... Deflected or did not understand question about future NEX lenses...

UPDATE (9:02pm NYC time): The main event has ended, but Sony is not done yet, there is a Live Q&A - check their video feed... If you have any questions, post them on Twitter with the #SonyCES hashtag!

UPDATE (8:46pm NYC time): Will Smith and MIB3 director Barry Sonnenfeld teasing (!) Howard Stringer about the Sony Alpha A77 and Sony NEX-7 live on-stage! The cameras will get a celebrity bump :-)

UPDATE (8:33pm NYC time): Talking digital cameras... New technology [buzz word]: Balanced Optical Steady Shot for Handycams... new Bloggie Live camcorder stick with live-streaming and wifi (as leaked)... Hoping to meet demand in next few "weeks and months"...

The Sony Press Event at CES 2012 has just began (8pm NYC time). Sony is providing a video stream of the event through UStream on their Sony blog... Live-blogging coverage of the event at The Verge and Engadget [you can manually set Auto-Refresh ON] and Photography Bay...

On the Sony press release front, there is a new wave of Sony Handycams (video camcorders)

We will try to catch up with the remaining P&S announcements after we sort out the interchangeables and more advanced compacts [see what we covered so far at the Cameras of 2012 page]

Coming Later Today
+ starting at 7:45pm NYC time: Nikon D4 Live Q&A at Imaging Resource
+ starting at 9:15pm NYC time: Canon G1x Live Q&A with the Real Chuck Westfall at Imaging Resource
+ more live-streaming at
+ NYC time = New York City time - see for translation to your local time zone

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