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January 04, 2012

Kodak hopes patent sales can prevent looming Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The Wall Street Journal posted earlier today an update on the Kodak saga. According to WSJ's sources, Kodak is heading towards Chapter 11 bankruptcy as their efforts to sell their patents are stalled by stalled negotiations over the vs Apple and vs RIM patent lawsuits writes CNet News. Meanwhile PDN Pulse notes that the company is at risk of getting delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. Once upon a time Kodak was one of the 30 in the Dow Jones Industrial Greed Average.

More discussions at tech/business/gadget blogs via Techmeme.

Opinion + Suggestion: GE please buy Kodak - you will be greeted as a liberator!
Please note this section is pure speculation + opinion: GE has shown an interest in digital cameras as they recently launched their own brand of entry-level to mid-level fixed lens digital cameras. Since GE is interested in this segment, and since they already have a number of well-known brands under the GE umbrella, it would make sense for them to buy Kodak - in terms of branding.

If you have the same camera at the same price selling under the GE and the Kodak brands, the chances are, among those two, most people will buy the Kodak brand. Plus, if GE is serious about digital cameras, with the infusion of some resources, Kodak could expand on their above-entry-level camera offerings.

GE has all sorts of body parts, so they could find ways to enhance/integrate/absorb/divest the various other Kodak body parts that may not be able to stand on their own.

Plus, it would give GE a lot of good PR among consumers - especially after last year's revelation that even unpaid bloggers paid more in taxes than GE :)

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