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January 2012 (179 posts)

January 31: Nikon launches a 42x superzoom, the new Coolpix P510
January 31: New Nikon Coolpix P310 starts at f1.8 and PASMs (but no RAW)
January 31: New Nikon Coolpix superzooms: L810, S9300 w/GPS, and S8300
January 31: New Nikon Coolpixies also: S30 waterproof, S4300, S3300, S2600, L26, L25
January 31: Fuji X-Pro 1 and three lenses priced and available for pre-order [updated]
January 31: Panasonic and Samsung rumored to propose capital ties with Olympus
January 31: Interview with Pentax: new DSLR, rehire Hoya-fired engineers
January 31: Canon G1x gets evaluated by Dxomark
January 31: Interview with Nikon: faster CX lenses and new features coming
January 30: Recap: new Sony and Panasonic cameras, Canon and Fuji financials, and more
January 30: Fuji sold 100,000 Fuji X100 (as of Dec-31-2011)
January 30: New Panasonic TZ/ZS-series compact-zooms with 20x and 16x
January 30: Two new Panasonic elementproof cameras: FT20/TS20 and FT4/TS4
January 30: New Panasonic P&S models: FX80, LS6 and who knows what else
January 30: Pentax K-mirrorless: alleged leakages: tiny body picture leaked, diagrams and differentness
January 30: New Sony Cybershot TX300v announced in Japan (also 18mp)
January 30: Polaroid brand owner licenses name to a billion different companies
January 30: Canon President will step down as company posts latest results
January 30: Fuji and Terumo continue to flirt with Olympus
January 30: Sony launches 18mp 1/2.3" Exmor sensor with new elementproof Cybershot TX200v
January 30: New Sony Cybershot WX70 and WX50 (16mp Exmor, 5x Zeiss)
January 28: Stock Updates: IN (A77, A65, GX1, S100, etc) & OUT (G1x, X-Pro, NEX-7, etc)
January 28: Weekly Rewind: Sigma founder passes away, three join M43rds, new camera/lens, etc
January 27: FujiGuys go wild, post millions of Fuji X-Pro 1 preview videos (also PDF manual)
January 27: Reviews (NEX-5n, A77, E-P3, P7100, Lexar 1000x, etc) and Previews (1D X, D4)
January 27: New Tokina 11-16mm Pro DX II lens (Canon, Nikon)
January 27: Sigma founder and CEO Michihiro Yamaki has passed away
January 27: Patent watch: Canon developing 4K RAW video codec
January 27: Nikon D700 and D300s refuse to die
January 27: Google launches "Trusted Photographers" service for indoor Maps
January 26: First Reviews: Canon G1x and Fuji X-S1
January 26: Rumors: Canon 5D Mark III with 22mp and 7.5fps
January 26: Interview with Lytro executive chairman
January 26: Five Good Deals: Refurb factory demo Nikon D5100 w/18-55, LR3 full, etc [updated]
January 26: Tamron, Tokina and Astrodesign officially join Micro Four Thirds
January 26: Fuji will "propose" to Olympus (a capital & business alliance)
January 25: Rumors: Pentax K-mirrorless with K-mount, no OVF, ugly, and wee smaller than K-r
January 25: Adobe Camera Raw 7 video teaser by Adobe manager
January 25: Space Oddity: Olympus E-PL3 Mirror Lockup option
January 25: Rumors: Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D the only new Canon dSLR at CP+
January 25: New Pentax Optio VS20 compact-zoom with two shutter buttons
January 24: Best selling cameras of our time: the iPhones
January 24: Adobe answers various questions on Lightroom 4 Beta
January 24: UK Legal First: Similar composition a copyright infringement
January 24: Sony says Canon/Panasonic "interested" in XQD
January 24: Geekery in progress: Canon EF lenses on the Nokia N8
January 23: Caught in the wild? 5DMk3 or 7DMk2 and 200-400mm and 600mm lenses [updated]
January 23: Steve Jobs was interested in reinventing photography and was looking at Lytro
January 23: Interview: Leica USA with Diglloyd
January 23: Rumors: Samsung NX20 and lenses coming in/by mid-February
January 23: Sony and Fuji now rumored to be seeking equity for the hand of Helen of Olympus
January 23: Sony announces new stacked backlit CMOS sensors with RGBW and HDR-movie
January 22: Do you write helpful digital camera reviews? Let us know!
January 22: Rumors: Leica working on two Photokina-ish models (one more "affordable", X-Pro influence?)
January 22: R&D: Canon patent on larger-size backlit CMOS sensors (computer-translated)
January 21: Weekly Rewind (Kodak Chapter 11, Mamiya-Leaf, EF-lens to NEX adapter, etc)
January 20: Reviews (Nikon V1 and J1 at dpreview, NX200, P7100, GRD4, etc)
January 19: Olympus: no partner(s) until after late April shareholders meeting
January 19: Reviews (NEX-7, A65, etc) & Comparisons (NEX-7 vs A900) & Samples (G1x RAW)
January 19: Rumors from Japan: Pentax K-01 mirrorless APS-C interchangeable
January 19: Using photographer pictures without permission: members of Congress who support SOPA/PIPA
January 19: R&D: New math promises up to 10x compresser compression
January 19: Doubting Thomases: AP UK digital edition with Olympus teaser online ($)
January 18: Rumors: Nikon planning two versions of Nikon D800? (with and without low-pass filter)
January 18: Samsung to release the NX200 RS, a retro version of the NX200 in Korea
January 18: Interview with Sigma: more affordable than SD1 camera a must
January 18: Fuji X-Pro 1 prototype sample set (ISO 200 to 25600) at FN
January 18: Hogan sees significant announcements in early February
January 18: Kodak files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (and sues Samsung)
January 17: 24-hour quiet period to raise awareness about internet freedoms
January 17: Canon G1x RAW real-world sample pictures at FN
January 17: New Chinese 12mp APS-C CMOS sensor by Superpix (the SP8AC08)
January 17: Reviews (Fuij X10, Canon S100, Pentax Q, Sony V3, Lumix GX1, J1 vs X10/NEX-C3, etc)
January 17: From the Trade Show Floor #6: Fuji X-Pro1, X-S1, H30exr, Canon G1x, Nikon D4, etc
January 17: Rumors from Japan on Olympus Digital OM-style camera
January 17: New Adapter: Canon EF lenses to Sony E-mount bodies (with modern-era luxuries [except AF])
January 17: Fuji X10 faces the DxoMark measurements squad
January 17: Fuji X100 Limited Edition available for pre-order
January 16: Olympus Saga: Toshiba rumored (equity tie-up) but denies [updated]
January 16: Fuji France says X-Pro 1 price is 1590 euro (lenses 580 to 630)
January 16: More Canon G1x full-size samples and ISO comparison too
January 16: Minox pulling out of the digital camera market [updated]
January 16: Mamiya and Leaf consolidate into a unified Mamiya Leaf brand
January 15: Ricoh: GXR K-mount and variable-angle monitor possibilities
January 15: Interviews: Nikon, Fuji, Sony, Sigma, Samsung, Pentax [updated again]
January 15: From the Trade Show Floor #5: X100 Black, Lytro, NEX-VG20, etc
January 14: Is Olympus planning digital OM-style camera(s)?
January 13: Canon G1x full-size samples at LensTip and dpreview
January 13: Sandisk and Lexar yawn at XQD and wireless-SD
January 13: From the Trade Show Floor #4: G1x, D4, X-S1, etc
January 13: Private equity firm (TPG Capital) may take over Olympus digital camera business
January 13: Podcast: discussing the best of CES-PMA 2012 in/at Serious Compacts
January 12: Kenko 400mm f8 mirror lens and adapters for ...mirrorless systems (M43rds, NEX)
January 12: From the Trade Show Floor #3: full Fuji press event, X-Pro 1, Nikon D4, Canon G1x, etc
January 12: Samsung clarifies Olympus position: no stake, but partnership cool
January 12: Fuji planning X10 Orb firmware and at least one less expensive X-interchangeable
January 12: Interview with Fuji at Imaging Resource
January 12: CES Crime Watch: prototype Sigma 180mm f2.8 macro MISSING
January 12: Discount alert: Olympus E-PL1 w/14-42 for $230 (refurb factory demo w/1yr warranty)
January 12: Fuji planning a Leica M-mount adapter for the X-system (April-ish)
January 12: Interview with Pentax at Imaging Resource
January 11: Interview round-up: Olympus, Lytro, and mini-interviews
January 11: Leakage: Sony Cybershot WX50 (16mp, Exmor-R, 5x optical)
January 11: [MAYBE] 24-megapixel Sony compact cameras coming (unknown sensor size)
January 11: Patent Wars: Six of the Top 8 US patent winners in 2011 are involved with photography and video
January 11: From the Trade Show Floor #2: Canon G1x, Fuji X-Pro 1, and many more
January 11: Interview: Samsung plans "a couple of new line-ups" in H1:2012
January 10: CES concept lenses: Panasonic 12-35 and 35-100 f2.8 OIS with X (PowerZoom)
January 10: Nine full-size Fuji X-Pro 1 JPEG samples from Fuji [updated]
January 10: Recap: today's PMA/CES news and rumors
January 10: Fuji comments on leaked X-system lens road-map for 2012 and 2013
January 10: From the Trade Show Floor: Canon G1x, Nikon D4, Fuji X-Pro 1, and more
January 10: Samsung VP: planning high-end compact system camera
January 10: Also announced: new superzooms and P&S from Kodak and GE
January 10: First Android digital camera launched by Polaroid [updated with hands-on]
January 10: 1/2.3" backlit CMOS sensor powers first handheld 4K video camera (by JVC)
January 10: Mystery rugged-looking K-mount no-VF (maybe mirrorless) camera spotted at CES?
January 10: (ENDED) Discount alert: Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-1 SDHC cards
January 9: Adobe launches Lightroom 4 beta software
January 9: The Biggest Announcements of CES/PMA 2012 so far
January 9: Olympus announces 12+ new P&S digital cameras around the world
January 9: Recount: Casio launches four new cameras (two more were announced in late 2011)
January 9: Westfall: Canon G1x better than EOS 7D in JPEG ISO (at Live Q&A at Imaging Resource)
January 9: New Sony Cybershot W-series and S-series models (and Bloggies, Handycams)
January 9: Sigma launches new line of DN lenses for mirrorless compacts (NEX, M43rds)
January 9: New Sigma 180mm f2.8 EX DG OS HSM (macro with 1:1 reproduction)
January 9: Panasonic launches four converter lenses (!) for the 14/2.5 and 14-42 X M43rds lenses
January 9: New Panasonic SZ7 and SZ1 slim-zooms (10x) and many entry-levels
January 9: Samsung announces more Wifi-cameras with three superzooms
January 9: New Kodak Easyshare M750 and Playfull Dual have Wifi
January 9: New Fuji X-Pro 1 and three XF bright prime lenses revealed
January 9: Black Fuji X100 Limited Edition officially announced
January 9: Good sign for Nikon D4 availability: more pre-order options
January 9: Corel reveals Bibble-inspired Lightroom-competitor for $100
January 9: Wireless data transfer standard for SD/SDHC/etc announced at CES
January 9: Canon G1x is officially announced with large sensor and 28-112mm lens
January 9: New Canon Elph 520 HS (12x) and Elph 110 HS
January 9: (ENDED) Canon G1x on Twit.TV video feed live right now
January 9: (ENDED) Nikon D4 on Twit.TV video feed live right now
January 9: (ENDED) Live-blogging and video feed of Sony Press Conference at CES/PMA
January 9: (ENDED) Panasonic press event Live-blogging)
January 9: (ENDED) Live-blogging the Samsung Press Conference at CES/PMA
January 9: (ENDED) Fuji X-system announcement live-blogging has began!
January 8: New Sony Bloggie with Live Broadcasting and Wifi spotted at CES?
January 8: Interview: Canon planning to release mirrorless compact system cameras in 2012
January 8: Fuji X-Pro 1 and three lenses leak left and right
January 8: #OccupyOlympus: company to sue corrupt executives for $1.2 billion (!)
January 8: (ENDED) Live Video from CES in Vegas now at and TechCrunch
January 7: Pre-orders round-up: Nikon D4, 85/1.8G, Fuji X-S1, HS30, F770, etc
January 6: Plan ahead: following the CES/PMA 2012 coverage online (Jan 8-13)
January 6: M&A Action: Corel bought Bibble Labs "earlier last year", revealed now!
January 6: Leakages: picture of a "Nikon D800" at Nikon Europe with Jan/Febr announcement?
January 6: Leakages: Pocket Wizard Plus III video-leaked (video removed)
January 5: Nikon D4 officially announced, with previews available!
January 5: New Nikon 85mm f1.8G prime lens for $500
January 5: Revealeaked: Fuji X-Pro1 interchangeable lens camera with three prime lenses [updated!]
January 5: New Lexar Professional 1000x (UDMA 7) CompactFlash cards
January 4: Recap: LEAKS (Canon G1X, Fuji mirrorless, Nikon D4) and OFFICIAL (30 new Fuji cameras!)
January 4: Fuji X-S1 superzoom gets a starting price of $800
January 4: New Fuji HS30-EXR and HS25-EXR split on LiIon/AA and features
January 4: New Fuji F770EXR (RAW, GPS), F750EXR and F660EXR travel-zooms
January 4: New Fuji S-series AA superzooms (24x to 30x)
January 4: Fuji launches new SL-series line of 24x to 30x hot-shoe superzooms
January 4: New Fuji Z-series cameras: Z1000EXR and Z110
January 4: New Fuji T400 and T350 entry-level 10x compact-zooms
January 4: Fuji launches ten entry-level cameras in the JZ-series, JX-series and AX-series
January 4: Fuji announces three new elementproof cameras: XP150, XP100, XP50
January 4: Revealeaked: Canon G1X with 1.5-inch 14mp CMOS sensor [updated]
January 4: Revealeaked: Nikon D4 short-form press release at financial website [updated]
January 4: Kodak hopes patent sales can prevent looming Chapter 11 bankruptcy
January 4: Trey Ratcliff proclaims the upcoming Death of DSLRs
January 4: Year in Review (Episode #4): Top Sellers among our Readers
January 3: Reviews (GX1, J1, E-PM1, V-Lux 3, Pixma Pro-1, X10 vs LX5 ISO, etc)
January 2: New Samsung DV300F camera with dual LCDs and Wifi
January 2: (ENDED) Falling Knife Discount: Canon S100 (black) drops to $404~ [updated]
January 1: Year in Review (Episode #3): The Interchangeable Lens Cameras by numbers (Mirrorless vs DSLRs)
January 1: Recapping recent Canon rumors: 3D, 4K Cinema, replacements for 5DMk2 and 7D
January 1: Picture #38000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
January 1: Happy New Year with New Gear: SLR Magic Cine 50mm T0.95 lens


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