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January 04, 2012

Fuji launches ten entry-level cameras in the JZ-series, JX-series and AX-series

Just when you thought you had memorized the Fuji Finepix digital camera line-up, Fuji announces at least ten seven new entry-level P&S digital cameras in the J?-series and A?-series with either 16mp or 14mp CCD sensors and either 2.7" or 3" LCD displays. Here they are:

Fuji JZ250 and JZ200 and JZ100
The new Finepix JZ250 and JZ100 with 8x optical zoom lens (25-200mm eq) with optical image stabilization, and available in six delicious colors. Details at Fuji. Not be confused with multi-platinum recording artist Jay-Z! [corrected: zoom range is 25-200mm, not 25-250mm. The first mention in the aforelinked Fuji press release says 25-250]

But wait, there's more! There's a JZ200 model shown at dpreview!

Fuji JX700, JX580, JX550, JX520, JX500
These new JX-series cameras feature a 5x optical zoom lens (26-130mm eq), 720p video, and variations on CCD sensor and LCD size as outlined in the first paragraph. Details at Fuji.

Fuji AX600 and AX550
The new AX600 shows up at the Fuji Canada website and has similar features as the other ones (14mp CCD, 5x zoom, 2.7" LCD).

This one appears to be in the US market, in the AX-series but mirroring the JX550 specs, it is the new AX550! Details at Imaging Resource (via @aafuss)

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