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January 12, 2012

From the Trade Show Floor #3: full Fuji press event, X-Pro 1, Nikon D4, Canon G1x, etc

Time to recap Thursday's previews and hands-onsies from the CES + PMA trade show floor! If you missed the previous trade-show round-ups, here is episode #1 and episode #2. [a small number of items may not be directly from CES/PMA, but they are posted together for improved readability]

+ X-Pro1 hands-on at Quesabesde (computer-translated) and DSLR Magazine (computer translated)
+ X-system and X100 black at DC Watch (computer-translated)
+ X-Pro 1 video hands-on at CNet and also text at CNet and wins CNet's best camera at CES
+ full Fuji press conference at CES (34 minutes long) at Photography Bay
+ X100 Black Limited Edition at WDC? and Photography Blog
+ X-S1 at WDC?
+ F770-EXR compact-zoom (with GPS, RAW) first look at Digital Camera Info

+ D4 hands-on video at CNet and body pictures
+ D4 ethernet tethered shooting hands-on video at Engadget
+ explains D4 pixel count to Tech Radar
+ 8-minute video interview at Kamera & Bild (not in English)

+ G1x first look at Trusted Reviews and CNet (video) and also camera pictures
+ Elphixus 520HS first look at DCI and CNet
+ Elphixus 110HS first look at DCI

+ interview with DC Watch (computer translated)

+ Cybershot W650 first look at DCI
+ Bloggie at Sony Rumors and CNet

+ 12-35/35-100 lens prototypes and lens road map at Quesabesde and CNet
+ prototype camera gives camera control to the smarthphone at Pocket Lint
+ prototype headcam - a third eye says Pocket Lint and Gizmodo
+ SZ1 (aka Suzie 1, not to be confused with ZS-series) hands-on at DCI
+ SZ7 (aka Suzie 7) at CNet
+ booth visit at DC Watch (computer translated) includes picture of 3D1 3D camera and body parts

+ booth visit report at dpreview and WDC? and and Photography Blog (includes picture of new 30/2.8 DN on Panasonic GX1)

+ WB150F first look at Trusted Reviews
+ WB850F and WB150F at WDC? and CNet

+ Playfull Dual at CNet

+ booth visit report at Photography Blog

+ video interview with Engadget
+ RED Epic-X disassembled via Wireless Goodness, via Engadget

Paranoid Polaroid Android
+ booth visit at Photography Blog and more Photography Blog and dpreview and ephotozine and CNet

+ FlashAir wireless LAN SD card hands-on video at Engadget
+ Toshiba revealed detailed backlit sensor roadmap via Image Sensors World

Other Interesting Products
+ Tamaggo 360-degrees egg-shaped camera at ephotozine and Pocket Lint and Engadget
+ Kogeto Dot panoramic video capture prototypes for Android and GoPro at Engadget
+ GoPro at Photography Blog
+ Vistaquest disposable digital camera at ephotozine
+ Jobu Design Gimbal heads at Canon Rumors
+ head-mountable camera gear round-up at CNet

+ hottest items of show at Photojojo and PDN Online (click on "Photo Gallery" link)

Gadget #FAILs
+ it's an ...iPhone case - via Engadget
+ it's a Bieber gadget - via Engadget

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