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January 10, 2012

First Android digital camera launched by Polaroid [updated with hands-on]

Engadget had a hands-on with this device at CES and also talked to Polaroid representatives. It looks like this is not just a camera, it also has phone hardware inside. Starting price is $300 with April launch. May also be offered through carriers (contract or prepaid).

This was bound to happen and it has finally happened! But it wasn't one of the major digital camera manufacturers to do it. It is whoever owns the rights to the Polaroid brand!

Yes, we are talking about the first digital camera that is running Android! It is the Polaroid SC1630! Specs-wise this is a basic P&S digital camera with smartphonesque features: a 16mp CCD sensor, 3x optical zoom lens (36-108mm eq), microSD, 3.2" touchscreen, geo-tagging, and Wi-fi. This even has access to the Google Market which makes it a more serious Android device (Google blessings of sorts). It does not mention which version of Android this is based on.

Judging by the native focal range printed on the lens (6.5 to 19.5mm) and the 35mm equivalent focal range (36-108mm) given in the press material, this looks like it has a 1/2.x" type of a sensor, since the "multiplier" for the 1/2.x" sensors is typically 5.x (the "x" in this case is an unknown decimal point number).

Details at its product page at Polaroid along with its press release (via CNet CES News, via B&H Pulse, via Engadget, via @aafuss).

UPDATE: More detailed specifications are published at TWICE, which reveal a 1/2.33" CCD sensor and 720p video.

Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera

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