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January 10, 2012

Also announced: new superzooms and P&S from Kodak and GE

Time to catch up with a handful of P&S digital cameras we missed last night from Kodak and GE!

We start with Kodak! In addition to the previously mentioned Wifi M-570, Kodak has announced a few more digital cameras. They are led by the Easyshare Z5120 superzoom (26x), along with the 5x M565 and M215, and the fixed-lens C135. Some details at dpreview, Kodak and Fotopolis. Details on the Z5120 superzoom at Kodak. Thanks to @aafuss for the alert.

On the GE front, there was a six-pack of new models, outlined at Photography Blog and DCI. The leader of the pack is the $200 GE X600 with a 25x optical zoom lens, followed by the GE X550 and GE G100 with 15x lenses.

The new Kodak cameras have been added to the Cameras of 2012 page. The exact number of cameras there is changing slightly as we discover new and/or duplicate models. GE cameras are not currently tracked at that page.

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