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January 17, 2012

24-hour quiet period to raise awareness about internet freedoms

Starting now, the various Noisy blogs are entering a 24-hour quiet period to raise awareness about internet freedoms and more specifically the latest attempts by our beloved corporate overlords to gain unprecedented powers over the internets. A number of websites are participating in a blackout and/or raise-awareness campaign, including the English version of Wikipedia which has a detailed post summarizing the situation. Also summarizing the situation, The Guardian and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and and a technical examination of the situation at the Reddit blog.

High profile websites that are participating in the blackout include Boing Boing, Craigslist, and Reddit (12 hours), while others, including the front page of Google are raising awareness with banners or posts or by covering their logos (but without a blackout). There is on-going coverage of the latest developments with multiple posts at Techmeme.

Among photography-related sites, Photo Cine News has blogged that they will go dark on Wednesday.

UPDATE: A 40-minute video discussion on SOPA/PIPA/DMCA can be found on episode #418 of Tech News Today... You can find in-depth extensive coverage of the situation at Ars Technica...

PS: because of the way this blog is hosted, there is no simple way for a short term blackout, so instead we are doing the "raise awareness" and 24-hour quiet period thing.

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