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December 04, 2011

Weekly Rewind: new Nikon SB-910, 16mp Ricoh GXR 24-85, Fuji XS1, etc

Time to recap the week that was! While things may be relatively quiet, a combination of CES and PMA in early January 2012 (exhibits Tue-Fri January 10-12, 2012; conference starts Jan-8) are probably going to cause a Holiday Season leak-fest since manufacturers are playing a game of earlier-and-earlier leak leap-frog. The camera manufacturers are probably going to have a hard time getting the attention of the general electronics world during CES madness, so the earlier leaks during the holiday season can get them some more attention. Then again, the viral marketing departments of every other electronics manufacturer will be thinking the same thing... Or something like that...

Relatively-New News
+ Nikon launches new SB-910 flagship SpeedLight
+ official Ricoh roadmap reveals 16mp GXR APS-C 24-85mm sensor+lens module
+ Fuji X-S1 superzoom (2/3", 26X, RAW) gets official announcement
+ Canon officials said that EOS Cinema and EOS Stills cameras will be developed in parallel
+ OlympusGate saga continues with ex-CEO wanting board to eject

+ Forum rumors of CDI talk of 18mp Nikon D800 and 36mp Nikon D900

+ DxoMark evaluated the Sony NEX-7
+ completed camera reviews at the Camera Reviews Stream
+ completed lens reviews at the Lens Reviews Stream

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