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December 18, 2011

Reviews (NEX-7, V1, J1, X10, S100, etc) & Duels (X10 vs X100)

Time to recap the latest reviews, previews, samples and such of the last few days. But first, a PBS-style e-fundraiser (no tote bags I'm afraid): if you find this blog helpful, be sure to make some of your purchases through our affiliate links at the new Stock Status mini-site or the Camera Deals blog or the NoisyMall which now includes links to European, Asian and Canadian retailers. We keep traditional forms of advertising to a bare minimum and we do not accept direct advertising/sponsorships from camera manufacturers or websites we cover on a regular basis, so your support is what keeps this crazy blog alive!

+ Fuji IS Pro UV IR (Nikon F-mount) at DJoP

Not-Small-Sensor Mirrorless
+ Sony NEX-7 completed rolling review at Rolling Luminous Landscape
+ Sony Zeiss 24mm f1.8 RAW samples (with NEX-5n) at Sound Image Plus
+ Samsung NX200 at Engadget
+ Olympus E-P3 at Fedrz Decena

Small-Sensor Mirrorless
+ Pentax Q at Bob Atkins
+ Nikon V1 at Nautral Art Images (via VSL) and Register Hardware
+ Nikon J1 at Photography Review and (computer translated)

Compacts avec RAW
+ Fuji X10 vs X100 duel at PentaxForums
+ Fuji X10 at CNet UK and SystemKamera Forum (must register to download PDF review) and first impressions by Ken Tanaka at TOP
+ Canon S100 at (computer-translated) and Fotopolis (computer-translated)

Fixed Lens Cameras
+ Nikon Coolpix P300 at Photographic Central

+ shock! no superzoom reviews!

+ Sony A65 video-priority first impressions at EOS HD
+ Canon Cinema C300 vs 7D vs Sony F3 at Wiegaertner Films (via CineScopophilia)
+ RED Scarlet X with EF-mount day zero at Cinema 5D and RAW sample

Everything Else
+ Harman Titan Pinhole 5x4 Camera Kit Review at ephotozine
+ ToughTech Duo (RAID) at Imaging RAIDsource
+ Wacom Intuos 4 graphics tablets at ephotozine and ThePhoBlographer
+ Nikon SB910 at Galbraith (previously mentioned with review-alert)

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