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December 07, 2011

Reviews (GX1, E-P3, X10, NX200 ISO comparison, JVC PX10, Elves, etc)

And now time to catch up with today's reviews and also some of the other reviews that didn't make it into the two previous catch-up-a-thons (completed reviews and in-progress & previews & samples). We have finally caught up with the timeline, so no more time paradoxes!

+ Panasonic GX1 at CNet
+ Panasonic GX1 studio test samples at Imaging Resource
+ Olympus E-P3 at Sans Mirror (new Thom Hogan website)
+ Samsung NX200 ISO comparison at Focus Numerique (vs NEX-C3, E-PL3, GF3) [RAW available!]

Compacts with RAW
+ Fuji X10 at Trusted Reviews

+ JVC GC-PX10 at Digital Camera Info
+ Canon EOS Cinema C300 advertorial at Canon USA along with a 5-minute short by Jonathan Yi (via FStoppers) {this is work commissioned by Canon}

Compacts and Elves without RAW
+ Canon SX150 IS at Photography Blog
+ Canon Elphixus 310HS aka 230HS at DP Interface
+ Canon Elphixus 300HS aka 220HS at Camera Labs
+ Canon Elphixus 100HS aka 115HS at Camera Labs
+ Samsung MV800 flipper at Photography Blog and Pocket Lint
+ Samsung WB750 at DCI
+ Pentax RZ18 at ephotozine
+ Nikon S1200pj projector-cam at Pocket Lint
+ Nikon AW100 waterproof at DCI
+ Nikon P300 at Cameras UK
+ Sony Cybershot WX10 at Imaging Resource

Beyond Cameras: Software
+ Tiffen DFX 3 at Luminescent Photo
+ Dxo Optics Pro at Imaging Resource
+ Adobe Carousel at Imaging Resource
+ Serif PhotoPlus X5 at dpnow

Beyond Cameras: Hardware
+ iPhone 4S at Quesabesde and Pop Photo
+ SpyderGallery iPad Calibration at Imaging Resource
+ Manfrotto ML120 pocket LED light at ephotozine
+ Oben tripod at Pixiq
+ Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter at I Shoot Shows
+ JuicedLink DS214 Amp w/AGC Disable at Cameradojo

Review Reference
+ previous review round-ups - just like this one you are reading now
+ completed camera reviews of enthusiast/serious/advanced cameras only
+ completed lens reviews

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