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December 26, 2011

Opinion Soup (evolution 2011, "pro for the holidays", and lots lots more)

As the saying goes (?), opinions are like noses, everyone picks on them, but some are too polite to do it in public ;-) Time for a new opinion round-up! For previous opinion round-ups, check the archives...

+ photo products mostly didn't evolve in 2011 at CNet News
+ small-sensor systems - practical commercial tools? at Visual Science Labs
+ on compact system cameras at Sound Image Plus in response to Luminous NEX-7 articles
+ on the death of digital cameras (triggered by NPD market "research" report) at Pixiq
+ the reason you didn't see a Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III for the Holidays at Camera Town
+ is the Canon 1D X a step backwards? at Tech Rdar
+ the future of Olympus at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ an open-letter to Kodak (re: Tri-X) by Leonard Goh
+ why some people hate Leica at TOP
+ Fake Chuck unhappy that Canon did not get any PDN awards this year

+ would Ansel use HDR at Pixiq
+ Be Right or Be Kind by Rick Sammon with follow-up
+ are we too polite to be critical at Wide Open Camera
+ how to avoid paralysis by analysis in street photography by Erik Kim
+ buy books, not gear at Erik Kim
+ 13 things crucial for your success by Chase Jarvis
+ Action vs Activity by Kirk Tuck on TOP
+ why isn't art used to change the world at APE
+ a cure for the photographic doldrums at Shutterfinger
+ how to win photography contests at Photo Weekly Online
+ rights and respect in photography by Photocritic at Pixiq
+ what a photograph is and isn't by G. Dan Mitchell
+ being the same is the new original by Benjamin Kanarek
+ is it art or is it porn at Pixiq
+ on photography degrees at DuckRabbit
+ ten attributes of a good photograph at Beyond Megapixels
+ 45 most powerful images of 2011 at Buzzfeed (via Pixiq)

+ stop advertising in photo magazines - head to the web by Stuck in Customs
+ where have all the photojournalists gone at Good Technology (via DuckRabbit.Info.Truth.Hurts)
+ on CNN firing photojournalists at BJP, Pop Photo, Colbert
+ Pop Photo takes exception to a Consumerist article suggesting that consumers can make some extra bucks by becoming a "photographer for holidays"
+ putting value back in photography at Black Star Rising
+ on stock photography at Single Serving Photo
+ the business and economics of being a professional photographer at Zone10
+ what can a publicist do for you? at PDN Online
+ please don't be bad photographers at Canon 5D Tips
+ on Etsy at Photopreneur
+ on the whole "no copyright intended" kerfuffle at Waxy (via Photo Cine)
+ on having 50% off sales at Digital Pro Talk
+ responses to critical email on "teaching n00bs" by Zack Arias on Google Plus and Lighting Essentials

+ fearmongers are giving photographers a bad name at Black Star Rising

+ why I love the RED and why I don't have one any more by Philip Bloom
+ to buy a Scarlett or not to buy by Philip Bloom

+ how to build a camera stabilizer via DIY Photography
+ iPhone SLR lens adapters - doomed to fail? by Cow Mooh Captin Nod

+ on Adobe's new pricing scheme by Scott Kelby, Foto Biz and counterpoint at Canon Blogger
+ ten reasons why Google Plus is better than Flickr for social photography at Thomas Hawk
+ five things that can cause confusions in Lightroom at Pixiq

+ Why big companies can't change by Cringely
+ Worst album covers of 2011 at TOP
+ on ...catdvertising via Photo Cine News

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