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December 2011 (89 posts)

December 31: The Manufacturers Explain: Canon EOS C300 sensor and Fuji X10 viewfinder
December 30: Reviews (GXR, A65, -C3, -PL3, etc) & On-going Reviews (NEX-7, V1, X10)
December 29: Sony China leaks a couple of W-series Cybershots
December 28: Year in Review (Episode #2): Big in Japan:: Mirrorless Gains, M43rds Wins Mirrorless segment
December 28: Sony shows A77 body parts in new 7-minute video
December 28: Year in Review (Episode #1): Camera Announcements in Charts (and most by manufacturer)
December 27: In-stock: Canon S100 for $430 (used A77 kits - very few)
December 27: Tech Blogs Talk Photo: Dropbox instant upload, 1.8 gigapixel camera
December 27: Reviews (V1, Q, P7100, etc) & Previews (Canon C300, Nikon FT1 mount adapter)
December 26: Trade Show Calendar for 2012 and 2013 (Photokina, PMA, CES, CP+, Focus, etc)
December 26: Opinion Soup (evolution 2011, "pro for the holidays", and lots lots more)
December 26: Hard to find Cameras: IN (GX1, S100, X10, X100); GONE (A65)
December 26: New Sigma technology to be revealed January 10: "hottest Sigma technology"
December 26: Sony sells its equity in LCD joint venture to Samsung for nearly a billion
December 25: Weekly Rewind (DRM for SD, Olympus raid, future talk in Japan)
December 24: Last Minute Gift Ideas: Electronic Gift Cards (email, print, or even Facebook)
December 23: (OLD POST) In-stock alert: Panasonic GX1 and Sony Alpha A77 (and Canon S100)
December 23: Rumors: Canon working on a "Super G-series" camera? (perhaps to compete with mirrorless?)
December 22: (ENDED) Wild Midnight Sale: Canon S100: $327, Olympus XZ1: $280, Nikon P7000: $157 & more [limited time]
December 22: Reviews: Canon S100 at dpreview (also: EX1/TL500, GRD4, P7100)
December 21: Reviews (X10, GX1, NX200, Q, Titan, compact-zooms, etc)
December 21: dpreview talks hybrid organic-CMOS Fuji sensors
December 20: Investigators (politely) raid Olympus offices in Japan [also: talk of preferred stock sale] {updated}
December 20: (ENDED) Free One-Day shipping specials for Procrastinators [updated]
December 20: Five SD manufacturers announce new DRM initiative for SD memory cards
December 20: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Sony NEX-7 body for $1200
December 19: Reviews (X10, GXR, etc) and Duels (M9 vs NEX-7, GXR A12 M- vs NEX-5n)
December 19: (ENDED) Deal alert: 1-day sale on 18 lenses (Canon, Olympus, Panasonic)
December 19: (SOLD OUT) In-stock Canon S100 and Panasonic GX1
December 19: (SOLD OUT) Canon S95 for $229 with free 1-Day shipping [updated]
December 18: Pentax considering Mirrorless 35mm Full Frame and Mirrorless 645 (interview)
December 18: Olympus working on Next-Gen Mirrorless and E-5 replacement (interview)
December 18: Reviews (NEX-7, V1, J1, X10, S100, etc) & Duels (X10 vs X100)
December 18: Panasonic answers ImagingResource's Readers's' questions's's's
December 18: Rant: someone please buy the Rollei brand and save it from the disgrace of pointless P&S clones
December 17: In-stock alert: Panasonic GX1 body-only ($700) (GONE: w/14-42)
December 17: Deal round-up: Canon D-Rebel T3i kit w/extras for $710, P7000, etc
December 16: Olympus cash-crunch will likely trigger action - out of cash by 2015
December 15: Spotlight review: Nikon SB-910 Speedlight by Galbraith
December 15: Canon 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS added to DSLR order (7D, T3i, T2i, etc) for just $225 [updated]
December 15: More Holiday Specials: add 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS to Canon DSLR purchase for +$240, 5DMk2, S95, CS5, NEX-5, etc
December 15: Superzooms everywhere: two new 21x BenQ superzooms (one has backlit Sony CMOS sensor)
December 15: Olympus President says options include: sell assets or tie-up with other companies
December 15: R&D: MIT system captures light at 1 trillion exposures per second
December 14: Reviews (NEX-7 vs Leica M9, GX1, X10, etc) & Samples (Zeiss 24/1.8, SLR Gear 23/1.7)
December 14: (ENDED) Deals for Wednesday only: $50 gift card with DSLR/mirrorless (ended: Nikon P7100 for $350)
December 13: New Olympus 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 power zoom (M43rds) lens
December 13: Impact review: Sony NEX-7 at dpreview
December 13: Olympus reposts earnings (rumors of Fuji interested in Olympus?)
December 13: Reviews (NEX-7, A77, J1, iPhone 4*) & Samples (X10, etc)
December 13: Adobe releases Lightroom 3.6 and Camera Raw 6.6 with more cameras supported
December 13: Stock Status pages - the Next Generation
December 12: Sigma announces new PG-31 power-grip for Sigma SD1
December 12: Discounts Monday (Canon S95 $280, Fuji IS Pro $600, 7D w/18-135 $1650, etc) [ENDED: 55-250]
December 12: Reviews (GXR A12 M, X10, A65, NEX-5n, E-PM1, FS100, FZ150, etc)
December 12: (SOLD OUT) Discount alert: Canon 55-250mm EF-S IS (1st version) for $144
December 11: Reminder: Panasonic GX1 townhall meeting on Monday at 12pm NYC time
December 11: Rumors: 16mp Nikon D4, 24mp Pentax full frame and APS-C mirrorless
December 11: New SLR Magic 23mm f1.7 lens for Sony NEX e-mount
December 10: Weekly Rewind (Zeiss Cine and 16mp Ricoh GXR 24-85 in 2012, new CF XQD memory card format, Tamron 18-200 NEX, etc)
December 10: Reviews (NX200, EOS C300, etc) and first looks (XS1, GX1, Z5010, etc)
December 9: Discount alert: Panasonic GF3 w/14-42 and 14mm f2.5 pancake for $500 [updated]
December 9: Canon S100 faces the DxoMark
December 9: Zeiss planning new Compact CP.2 and Zoom Cine lenses and anamorphic line-up in 2012
December 8: Reviews (GX1, S100, NEX-7, etc) & Samples (IQ180, NX200, etc)
December 8: Leica announces new V-Lux 3 superzoom (don't call me Panasonic FZ150)
December 8: (ENDED) Camera Specials: Canon SX230 for $180, GF3 two-lens kit for $540, Pixma Pro 9000 FAR, Sigma 70-200/2.8 & more
December 7: Tamron announces 18-200mm stabilized lens for the Sony NEX E-mount
December 7: New XQD memory card format is announced by CompactFlash
December 7: European & Asian & Canadian Readers: what are your favorite online retailers?
December 7: Reviews (GX1, E-P3, X10, NX200 ISO comparison, JVC PX10, Elves, etc)
December 7: In-progress Reviews (NEX-7, NX200) & Hands-Ons (X10, X100, XZ1, C300) & ISO comparisons (GX1, X10) & Samples (GXR) & Versus (S100 vs X10)
December 7: Thom Hogan goes Mirrorless (launches new site
December 7: Comedy: Professional Photography is So Easy, Watch & Learn!
December 6: Reviewalia (Sigma SD1 review, GX1 samples, NEX-5n, K-5, F600exr)
December 6: Canon D-Rebel T3i/T2i two-lens Instant Rebates return but with a twist
December 6: Tuesday Specials: Panasonic GH2, Nikon DX VR kit-telezooms, Sigma & Alpha lenses, etc
December 5: Reviews Mega-Roundup (GX1, X10, S100, NEX-7, -5n, NX200, A77, A65, E-PM1, CX, Q, etc)
December 5: Sigma drops OS from 17-50mm f2.8 for Alpha and K-mount
December 5: Picture #37000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
December 5: Irony: Olympus launches "Treasure Recovery'" marketing promotion for the E-Pens
December 5: Ricoh's upcoming 16mp GXR APS-C 24-85mm may (or may not) be f3.5-5.5
December 5: (ENDED) Canon DSLR gear discounts: 60D w/18-135 for $1050 [16-35/2.8L II for $1394]
December 4: Samsung NX20 name-leaked by Samsung support page
December 4: Weekly Rewind: new Nikon SB-910, 16mp Ricoh GXR 24-85, Fuji XS1, etc
December 4: DSLR Discount Sunday: Pentax K-r w/18-55: $530 (DEAD: 7D, T2i)
December 3: Former Olympus CEO wants current Olympus board to go away
December 3: New completed reviews added to Reviews Stream
December 2: (DEAD) Bargain alert: Panasonic LX5 black for $269


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