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December 20, 2011

Five SD manufacturers announce new DRM initiative for SD memory cards

Just as the internets are ablaze with #SOPA talk, a quintet of electronics manufacturers (Panasonic, Samsung, Sandisk, Sony, Toshiba) announced they are working on a new DRM scheme for SD memory cards - they call it a "next generation secure memory initiative". The idea is that with this new scheme in place, the content providers will feel more comfortable to allow for downloads or delivery of premium content (eg HD movies) on SD cards.

CNet News summarizes what has been announced so far. Press release parade at Imaging Resource, Photography Blog et al. Tech site reactions via Techmeme.

The press release is approaching this from the consumer media consumption perspective. It is not clear yet if/how this will affect digital photography and digital video from a content creator's perspective.

Notable by its absence from the press release are any references to Apple products even though there are mentions of Android smartphones and tablets. Granted, SD cards are not exactly prominent on Apple products, but it could also mean that Apple is not on-board with this.

And while our corporate overloards are trying to find new and exciting ways to DRM-everything, comedian Louis CK launched a trail-blazing anti-DRM experiment, he offered a recent hour-long stand-up comedy performance (adult-themed language) as a non-DRM $5 download, payable by PayPal and available to anyone in the world willing to pay for it, no country/region restrictions. The results of the experiment were a big success with $200,000 in net-profits in just four days after release. [As far as I can tell Louis CK and Jim Cramer are not the same person, but has anyone seen them both in the same place?]

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