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November 03, 2011

Canon announces new EOS C300 camera (EF or PL) along with seven new lenses

The big Canon Hollywood announcement is happening live at the moment... You can see the detailed specs of the camera and lenses at and more details from Canon itself at CPN Europe ... Updates below:

+ hands-on with the EOS Cinema C300 at Engadget [NEW!]

+ dpreview interviewed a Canon director at the C300 launch and has the and also the lenses press release too [a total of seven new lenses, not ten; no EF primes, but the zooms are coming for both PL and EF].

+ the "mystery camera" mystery has been solved, Canon has officially announced they are developing a 35mm full frame "EOS Movies" DSLR. This is a separate project from the EOS Cinema C300 Super35 with EF and PL mounts mentioned in this post...

+ Vincent Laforet's Canon C300 video Mobius is now live at Vimeo. It is also at Laforet's blog but it is slow to load. Vimeo appears to be fine since they are designed for high-volume video. If you have a high-speed connection, you can also watch it at Vimeo 1080p [HOT!] [VIDEO!]

+ don't forget the RED action starts at 9pm New York City time - the action there will be in the a href=''>RED User forums

+ Engadget is going hands-on, I am assuming they will have a blast of hands-on pictures and more in the next few minutes/hours?

+ it looks like sample videos are heading to Vimeo HD if you look at their latest tweet and @AdobePremiere says native support in their apps is good (both via @NinoLeitner

+ on the lens front, Vincent Laforet tweet-clarified, the prime lenses are full frame, the zooms are Super35

+ A C300 Vimeo group has already been formed...

+ Zacuto reveals their C300 accessories

+ imaging sensor arrangement slide at the Engadget live-blog - quote: " It's a full 4k sensor, with 1920 x 1080 pixels for the red and blue colors, and 1920 x 2160 pixels for green."... List of price of $20,000 is mentioned at the Q&A session there...

+ one sticking point with a number of videographers on Twitter is that the camera can only do 720p slow motion, no 1080p despite its price-tag, which is another sticking point with videographers

+ new Twitter hashtag forming to keep track of this camera, check #C300 for even more never-ending updates

+ in addition to Zacuto, Redrock will also be announcing new gear that is shown at the Canon event and are designed specifically for the Canon Cinema EOS C300 according to their Twitter (via @5tu)

+ the Engadget live-blog now covers the camera and lens geekery features. "Modular Design" appears on a slide before 7:38PM Engadget time... Each lens will be available in the PL-mount and EF-mount, and I see lots of "L" in the specs... It will be interesting to see whether the Cinema EF lenses will be of interest to still photographers for still photography (14.5-60mm T2.6 and 30-300mm T2.95-3.7)??? [HOT!]

+ Vincent Laforet's blog-post about using the new EOS Cinema C300 will go live on his blog at around 8:35pm New York City time

+ EOS-HD opines on the specs so far

+ announcement gravy-train! Zacuto will be making an announcement says their twitter (via @GoForJared)

+ the Engadget live-blog continues, with Martin Scorsese on stage!

+ Twitter coverage from the event at @FXGuideLive (their webserver is currently overloaded)

+ 30-second video by Wide Open Camera on Vimeo and twitter updates by @GoForJared (if you cannot get the Wide Open Camera page to load)

+ more detailed specs at includes detailed lens specifications (via @C5DNews). The camera will be released in January 2012 with a $16,000 price and available in either a PL-mount or EF-mount. Apparently no interchangeable mounts, even though the two cameras appear to be identical except for the lens mount... The sensor is an 8-megapixel Super35mm CMOS, but it will only record/output 1080p {I am assuming work on firmware hacks is beginning as we speak? :)}... [HOT!] [DETAILS!] [MUST READ nao!]

+ specs summary at Wide Open Camera and Daufenbach Camera (facebook)

+ Vincent Laforet just tweeted that he will be posting a blog-post about the camera along with a short film

+ pictures of the new camera at This is my Verge

+ it is the EOS C300 along with a few new lenses at the Engadget live-blog. Judging by the "family portrait" picture, I can see five standing double-red-ring lenses and two mounted on cameras. One is 30-300mm... The Cinema EOS name is featuring prominently in the presentation slides... Vincent Laforet is among the film-makers testimonializing the new camera... And we have the first pixel-peeping of the camera, at 6:33pm, Engadget has spotted a noisy picture taken with the new camera :)

+ multi-tasking tip: if you are following different blogs/sources, open each in a separate browser, so if one crashes/stalls, the rest keep going

+ Engadget has began posting updates at their Hollywood live-blog from Paramount Studios in Southern California. Kardashians not included ;-)

+ Broadcast Engineering tweeted rumors of "new line of cameras"

+ more live-bloggings for your multi-tasking attentions, at Planet 5D and soon at Canon Rumors

+ it doesn't look like any of the other gadget-blogs and mega-tech-sites are live-blogging the event?

+ if you can't get enough action, you can also check Canon mentions on Twitter

+ the pre-announcement excitement has already claimed multiple victims, the Cinema5D and Canon Rumors and Wide Open Camera and FX Guide web-servers are getting hammered and you not be able to get to them at first try

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