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November 01, 2011

Reviews and Hands-on mega roundup (X10, 1D X, A65, CX, NEX, M43rds, GRD4, etc)

And now time to catch up with the latest reviews and hands-on previews! This is a loooong and winding edition, so fill up the coffee machine! To make it easier to scan/skim/read, we are breaking it into even more sections - partially sorted by sensor-size!

35mm full frame
+ Canon 1D X hands-on at Photography Review, PixiQ, Photography Bay (Q&A)

+ Sony Alpha A65 at Photography Blog
+ Sony Alpha A77 high-ISO color charts developed with Lightroom 3 at Alpha Numerique (computer-translated)
+ Minolta 7D (aka A7) revisited seven years later at DC Watch Impress (computer-translated)
+ availability check: Sony A77 body only in-stock for $1400

Sony NEXies
+ Sony NEX-5n at Photography Blog
+ first impressions with Sony dont-call-me-Alpha NEX-7 at DCI (may be greeted by roadblock ads every time you visit a different page at DCI)
+ Sony NEX-C3 hands-on at Photography Review
+ Sony 50mm f1.8 OSS (NEX) full-size real-world JPEG samples at DC Watch Impress

Micro Four Thirds
+ Dxomark publishes results for Olympus E-PM1 and Olympus E-PL3
+ Olympus E-PL3 at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ Olympus E-PM1 ISO range and real-world samples at DC Watch

Nikon Mirrorless
+ Nikon V1 at Photoscala (ordinateur-translated)
+ Nikon V1 photographer priority review by Kirk Tuck (part #1 and part #2)

Fuji X10
+ Fuji X10 preview at dpreview
+ Fuji X10 at a real-world party at ThePhoBlographer
+ new Fuji X10 RAW samples via Foto Actualidad
+ first look at DCI
+ availability: check X10 stock status page

Ricoh GRD IV
+ Ricoh GRD IV at Shutterfinger (part #1 and part #2)
+ Ricoh GRD IV at Photographic Central (part #1) - also started an "ask me anything" (about the GRD4) in the comments of the aforelinked post
+ Ricoh GRD IV first impressions at DCI

SuperZoom Party
+ Canon SX40 HS at CNet UK and Trusted Reviews
+ Canon SX150 IS at CNet UK

Other Fixed Lens Cameras
+ Sigma DP2x first look at DCI
+ Panasonic FX90 with Wi-fi at DC Watch (computer-translated)
+ Samsung MV800 with flip-over display at PhotoXels and ephotozine
+ Olympus XA (film camera) revisited at Thew's Reviews

+ 10-minute Ricoh GXR M-module video at Digital Rev
+ 12-minute Nikon V1 hands-on video at Digital Rev

+ cost comparison: Canon 7D/5DMk2 vs 35mm film at Hurlbut Visuals

Review Streams
+ completed camera reviews of enthusiast/serious/advanced cameras only
+ completed lens reviews

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