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November 12, 2011

Opinion Soup (lenses, SSD, simplicity, gray market, video, ditching digital, etc)

Opinions are like onions, sometimes they make you cry! Time for a new opinion round-up...

+ on camera lenses by Photocritic at PixiQ
+ are zooms always sharper at one extreme at Lens Rentals
+ five reasons I love manual lenses at Retro Camera
+ primes vs zooms for event photography by I Shoot Shows
+ the limits of variation at Lens Rentals

+ on shooting with compact cameras at PDN Online
+ on gray market gear (for the US market) at KEH blog
+ on simplicity and camera design at Shutterfinger
+ replacing your laptop's hard-disk with an SSD from a photographer's perspective at dpnow
+ the difference between cameras at Sound Image Plus
+ five things the Fuji EVIL iLC must have by Kai at D-Rev

+ recommended Android/iOS apps by TheAppWhisperer at dpreview

+ on the new RED Scarlet, Canon Cinema C300, and digital video at PP Mag
+ HDSLR state of the union at Photo Cine News

+ Ditch Digital at The Online Darkroom and internal vs external visualization
+ film (video) fading to black at Creative Cow (via Galbraith)

Creativity and Inspiration
+ Understanding Criticism, a three part series at Luminous Landscape
+ disruptive technologies and generational disconnection at Visual Science Lab
+ how to defuse confrontations in street photography at Eric Kim Photography
+ the curse of the (certain kind of) hobbyist at Sound Image Plus
+ lonely hunter, better hunt by Kirk Tuck
+ seven questions you should ask every accomplished photographer by David Wells at B&H Insights
+ camera therapy, how photography gave me hope again at DPS
+ why you should not chimp while shooting street photography by Eric Kim
+ on expose to the right by Ctein at TOP and Photoxels
+ why we photograph what we do? by Kirk Tuck
+ photographic performance anxiety at Kirk Tuck

Photo-blogging and Social Media
+ what I learned when I stopped writing a photo blog by Kirk Tuck at TOP
+ on Google+ for photographers by Jeff Revell
+ Google+ business pages podcast by New Media Photographer
+ 7 tips for blog/social media success by Dan Bailey at Photoletariat
+ more substance, less Flash at Black Star Rising

+ five tips to become notorious podcast at Digital Story
+ is it worth it to shoot for free asks/answers Tofurious
+ the importance of networking in the fashion photography business by Benjamin Kanarek
+ where the photographers are at Magnum Photos asks DuckRabbit
+ on customers requesting RAW files by Foto-Biz
+ the perils of posing as a professional photographer at Shutterfinger
+ responding to requests for free work at PhotoProfessionals (via Petapixel)

Various topics
+ 12 myths every photographer should know at Improve Photography
+ on the Olympus scandal at Cateto blog
+ what artists have a right to expect by Ctein at TOP

Comedy Hour
+ Fake words to avoid at Visual Science Lab
+ Gary Fong Lightsphere vs Tupperware at Improv(e) Photography

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