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November 15, 2011

Fuji mirrorless system pictures leak on the internets!

It is not going to be a quiet November! Alleged pictures of the Fuji mirrorless system have leaked on the internets! The pictures were originally posted at the Xitek forums but were since removed. They have been saved at Mirrorless Rumors, X100 forum, System Kamera forum,, et al.

The leakages revealed a 18mm f2 or f1.2 pancake lens, a 35mm f1.4 lens, and perhaps a 60mm lens. I am sure some people may be trying to measure distances to figure out whether this is APS-C or 35mmFF or some other size.

But that's not all! A photographer in the dpreview Fuji forum has posted an 8-point text-based description of things they saw, and they mention "Organic CMOS" sensor technology. I do not know if this is or is not related to the Xitek leakage.

The @FujiGuys have been very quiet since the leak, although they answered a question on the mirrorless system before the leak, about 22 hours ago.

Organic CMOS research at Fuji
Speaking of Organic CMOS, there is a research paper from Fuji research, published in 2010, with the title: "Proposal of new organic CMOS image sensor for reduction in pixel size". The abstract says: "We experimentally made trial products of the proposed sensor, verified their potential capability, and proved the validity of the organic CMOS sensor". Here is a direct link to the PDF file, and the tablet of contents of the research report. You can also find other Fuji research reports at their Technical Reports page.

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PS: All apologies for the delay in updates. The computer went into an information overload thrashing state...

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