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November 30, 2011

DxOmark evaluates the Sony NEX-7

Ladies and Gentlemen and Grays and Klingons, start your pixel-peeping engines! Dxomark has published their Sony NEX-7 test results and they have also published a textual summary of their findings. As usual, please note that DxoMaRk evaluates the RAW sensor output and it is not intended to be an end-to-end system evaluation. A number of other factors affect the final image quality, including the weather ;-)

DxoMark NEX-7 vs The World comparisons
+ NEX-7 vs NEX-5n vs NEX-5 - the top three NEXxies model-number-wise
+ NEX-7 vs NEX-C3 vs NEX-3 - vs the other two NEXxies
+ NEX-7 vs A65 vs A77 - the 24-megapixel trio, pellicle vs no-mirror
+ NEX-7 vs A55 vs A580 - vs the 16mp darlings with pellicle and traditional mirror
+ NEX-7 vs Pentax K-5 vs Nikon D7000 - vs the 16mp APS-C DSLR darlings
+ NEX-7 vs Samsung NX200 vs NX11 - vs Samsung's NX mirrorless cameras
+ NEX-7 vs Olympus E-P3 vs Panasonic GH2 - vs M43rds {close your eyes M43rds fans!}
+ NEX-7 vs Nikon J1 vs V1 - vs Nikon CX 1-inch mirrorless
+ NEX-7 vs Pentax Q - APS-C vs 1/2.3" sensors!

Opinion: Confusing the Narrative?
The narrative in the camera world is that the SLR is the top in image quality while the more compact cameras are a compromise of size vs image quality (among others). However, the addition of the pellicle-mirror in the Alpha DSLRs is muddying the waters, at least as far as the RAW sensor data are concerned, as the pellicle "eats" some of the light.

So now we have some Sony-Minolta-Alpha photographers left rather puzzled. Why is a mirrorless camera better than a DSLR using the same sensor when y'all expect us to pay lots of money for those high-end Alpha/Zeiss lenses?

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