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November 14, 2011

"Live Charts" updated with newer DSLRs/mirrorless cameras (updated)

Over the weekend we finally updated the raw data for the "Live Charts". The charts are calculated and plotted every time you load the page, but the raw data that feed the charts have to be added manually and sometimes we forgetz (another side-effect of information-overload blogging). Here are the newly updated charts:

+ 20 most recent interchangeable lens cameras in chart format

+ Camera Age of DSLR/iLCs by manufacturer - only recent/relevant models are shown in order to keep the charts readable

+ 35mm full frame cameras since 2002 in chart format

+ feedback, suggestions, etc please leave a comment here or at the chart page above or use the contact form (please remember, if you need a reply to your questions please leave an email or twitter account; we can't reply to your question if we haz no way to reply)

+ The Pentax Q was accidentally omitted from the "20 most recent" and the Pentax chart at the "Camera Age" page. Thanks to MrGneiss for catching it in the comments! It has now been corrected! It was also missing from the Cameras of 2011 page where it has now been added under June 2011.
+ *gasp* also missing were the Nikon V1 and J1! So many cameras we can't keep up! They have now been added
+ known error: some of the headlines at the "Camera Age" say "DSLRs" instead of "iLC". These are using the old version of the charts and currently they refuse to change the heading. We will update them to the new version in the next few days.

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