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November 17, 2011

Also (Sony sensors return to Japan, OlympusGate, Adobe Touch(es) Android, Kodak Gallery for sale, etc)

Time to round up some of the recent news, newsbytes, and newsbits in lightning round format. Call Susan Lucci, there's going to be drama!

Relatively-New News
+ Sony imaging sensor production moving/returning to Japan after Thailand natural disasters - via Amateur Photographer UK
+ Adobe's Touch apps for Android have now been released - via Pop Photo, Android Market, Techmeme
+ Fuji expanding semiconductor material manufacturing in South Korea - via Ms Fuji
+ Kodak planning to sell the Kodak Gallery photo-sharing service says WSJ - via Electronista, /Gear
+ VolumeSnap is back in Camera+ iOS app, how did this get past the Apple App Police? - via The Next Web

Olympus Gate
+ former Olympus executive launches online drive to rally up Olympus fans to help save and preserve the company after it's all said and done at (via/more at TOP)
+ someone start #OccupyOlympus on Twitter!
+ The FBI wants to talk to the former Olympus CEO again says Amateur Photographer UK, and UK's Serious Fraud Office is also looking into things

Firmware and Delayware
+ round-up of ten or so firmware updates at DC Resource
+ Canon's new 500mm and 600mm f4L IS II and 200-400 f4L w/extender lenses have been delayed until further notice - via Canon
+ Leica has an update on the M9* Extreme memory card issue - via ephotozine, Imaging Resource, Insider, et al
+ Olympus E-PL3 and E-PM1 firmware updates via P.Blog et al
+ Canon 5D Mark II 2.1.1 firmware via FN, Canon Rumors, et al
+ Panasonic X lens firmware updates (14-42 & 45-175 via P-Blog and Imaging Resource
+ Sony FS100 firmware update details via Cinescopophilia

Website News
+ brand new forum for fans of the Samsung NX system at NX CSC forums

The Fun Side of Things
+ DIY Photography launches a new camera-kitchen crossover product, camera-shaped cookie cutters. Judging by the actual P&S cameras out there, the camera manufacturers are probably using them too when they cook up new half-baked entry-level P&S camera models :)

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