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November 10, 2011

Also (silver Olympus XZ1, new GH2/D7000 firmware, website news, etc)

Time to catch up with the latest news, newsbytes and newsbits in lightning round format...

Relatively New News
+ Ricoh GXR production impacted by Thai natural disasters - via Imaging Resoure [NEW!]
+ Olympus announces silver body color with magic lens cap for their XZ-1 compact with RAW - via ephotozine, DSLR Magazine, dpnow, et al
+ OlympusGate looks uglier every day - latest update at Reuters; stock keeps on falling
+ SLR Magic press-release announces their 12mm f1.6 Hyperprime (M43rds), does the right thing and drops the confusing/quasi-misleading Noktor name - via dpreview et al
+ new Sony Bloggie Wifi camcorder stick revealeaked (= revealed + leaked) - via Pocket Lint et al
+ second generation Aletta stabilizers coming this week - via founder's blog
+ Google has a +1 for images - via Techmeme
+ Google launches photography student competition with various prizes
+ new quad-core ASUS Transformer Prime Android tablet sports an f2.4 lens with a backlit CMOS sensor and LED flash - via Anandtech [if you are looking for ideas to make a viral YouTube video, how about using a tablet to take pictures in situations where one typically expects to use or see a camera, and have someone follow you with a camera to record your adventures?]

New Firmware coming...
+ for the Nikon D7000 and D5100 - via Galbraith, DSLR Guides, et al
+ for Panasonic GH2 in December - via Steve's, IR, dpreview et al

Website news
+ don't have a camera counter in your living room? You can compare physical camera body sizes at the new aptly-named website
+ Lens Work launches their new Daily Compendium
+ ePhotozine explains their revamped reviews pages

Opinion Round-up coming tomorrow-ish
+ other things equal, there will be a long opinion round-up posted at some point tomorrow. If you have written any opinionated blog-posts or forum-posts or if you have spotted something you think the world should see, please let me know.

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