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November 02, 2011

Also (Fuji 3D glasses-free V3 viewer, firmware (X10, Q), etc)

Time to recap some of the latest news, newsbytes, newsbits and newsquarks! Here we go, in lightning round format...

Newsy News
+ Fuji's 3D V3 glass-free viewer gets official announcement - via Pop Photo, dpreview et al [this was shown at IFA in Berlin]
+ ACLU sues on behalf of photographers arrested in Los Angeles - via "Photography Is Not a Crime" at Pixiq

+ Sony financials talk over $1 billion losses - via Techmeme [NEW!]
+ Fuji announces financial results - via PMA NL - maybe they now wish they could have produced a lot more X100s earlier on? :)
+ Sony "eats" the Ericsson part of Sony-Ericsson - via Sony Europe, Quesabesde

+ the Pentax Q is the bridge between classic-Ricoh and classic-Pentax said a Ricoh EVP in an interview at IT Media (computer-translated) via/summarized at Rice High
+ Two Canonites interviewed on printers and printing at Imaging & Printing Resource

Firmware updates
+ Fuji X10 goes to 1.02 - via dpreview et al
+ Pentax Q camera and lenses go to 1.01 - via PentaxForums, dpreview et al
+ and more we probably missed

Website News
+ Imaging Resource switches to a blog-style news page
+ PentaxForums adds comments to the website blog-posts
+ JOBS! dpreview is hiring a mobile applications developer in Seattle. Knowledge of Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden discography a big plus ;-)

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