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October 11, 2011

Reviews (A77, NEX-C3, E-PL3, J-Lo, P7100, FZ150, etc)

A numbers of new reviews have gone live, so it is time for another review round up. Here we go, in lightning round format...

Interchangeable Lenses
+ Sony Alpha A77 at Photoscala also available in computer-translatese
+ Sony NEX-C3 at Quesabesde (computer-translatese)
+ Olympus E-PL3 at CNet - CNet with new design and graphics
+ SLR Gear Noktor 12mm f1.6 with Panasonica GH2 at EOS HD
+ Nikon J-Lo 1 at Digital Camera Review
+ long post on shooting a documentary with the RED EPIC, Panasonica AG-AF100, and Sony F3 by Philip Bloom

Glued Lenses
+ Nikon KewlPix P7100 at Thom Hogan
+ Panasonic FZ150 at Photo Review

Review Streams
+ completed camera reviews of non-basic/non-P&S cameras
+ completed lens reviews

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