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October 28, 2011

Reviews (A77, E-PM1, J1, Q, X10, GRD4, lots of superzooms, etc)

Now that we caught up with the latest action and yesterday's new products (Zeiss 25mm f2 SLR lens (Canon, Nikon), Hasselblad H4X open-platform medium camera body, and Leica 30mm f2.8 medium format S-system lens), it is time to check some of the latest reviews that have been adding up over the last three days...

One more thing before the review blast - we are now testing a new way of breaking down the interchangeable lens cameras, instead of "mirror existentialism", we break them down by sensor size, with APS-C and above (35mm full frame, APS-C, medium format) in one group, and smaller than APS-C in another (M43rds, Nikon CX, Pentax Q, Kenko). This usually creates more readable blocks of reviews instead of a giant mirrorless block.

Interchangeable Lens Cameras (APS-C and beyond)
+ Sony Alpha A77 at Pocket Lint
+ on the Sony NEX-5n high ISO at Sound Image Plus
+ lots of Canon 1D X hands-on and previews in the 1D X archives (previous mentioned in various round-ups)

Interchangeable Lens Cameras (smaller than APS-C)
+ Pentax Q at Photography Blog, Trusted Reviews, Engadget
+ Nikon J1 at Tech Radar
+ distilled text-based Nikon CX first impressions at Rice High
+ Olympus E-PM1 at Tech Radar

Fixed-lens cameras with RAW
+ Ricoh GRD IV at Photography Blog and Shutterfinger (part #1)
+ Fuji X10 hands-on at Photography Review and DCR and Brandon Remler
+ three new sources of Fuji X10 samples via Foto Actualidad
+ Nikon Coolpix P7100 studio test samples at Imaging Resource

+ Fuji F600EXR at CNet UK and ephotozine
+ Canon SX40 HS at Pocket Lint
+ Nikon Coolpix L120 at Imaging Resource
+ Panasonic FZ150 at ephotozine
+ Panasonic FZ47/FZ48 at ephotozine and CNet UK
+ Sony HX100v at Digital Camera Info

Review Streams
+ completed camera reviews of enthusiast/serious/advanced cameras only
+ completed lens reviews

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