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October 31, 2011

Opportunity (contest) with prize: guest-host an upcoming TWiT Photo episode

You may recall we mentioned this a few weeks ago. The contest has began: if you are an emerging photographer (five years or less professional experience with less than 51% of your income coming from photography), Leo Laporte's TWiT network is having an emerging photographer contest. The big prize is a guest-host spot in an upcoming episode of "TWiT Photo", a weekly netcast photography show streamed live and then published all over the internets. The shows are free to watch without registration or paywalls, so if you are the lucky winner, the whole world can see you - for eternity (no pressure!).

The deadline for entering is the end of day on November 22, 2011. Details, requirements, conditions and such can be found at the TWiT Photo blog and Catherine Hall's blog. Catherine Hall is the show runner, co-hosting every week with Leo Laporte. If you have questions on the contest, leave a comment at Catherine's aforelinked blog post. Portfolio submissions must be with one of these four services only: Flickr, 500px, Google+ or Facebook.

If you are not familiar with their show, you can watch all previous episodes which include guest-appearances by Vincent Laforet, Art Wolfe, Rick Sammon, Scott Kelby, Chase Jarvis, Jasmine Star, Zack Arias, Tamara Lackey, Mikkel Aaland, and more! That's pretty pretty pretty good company.

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