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October 26, 2011

Nokia launches flagship Lumia 800 Windows Phone w/8mp Zeiss 28mm f2 camera

After the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Nexus smartphone camera announcement-excitement, it is time for the Nokia-Microsoft alliance to grab the spotlight with their new wave of juicy mangos. Who wants a mango ice cream sandwich? ;-)

You can find non-stop coverage of these at the Techmeme (search for "Nokia" if reading at a later time, or look at the archives under October-26-2011). Of camera interest:

+ the flagship is the Lumia 800 (think N9 but Windows-Phone-fied), with a 8mp sensor and 28mm f2 Carl Zeiss lens, 720p 30fps video, 3.7" AMOLED 800x480 display, etc [click on "Photography" to see the camera/imaging specs at Nokia]
+ hands-on at This Is My Verge
+ press release at dpreview
+ why no front-facing cameras asks/answers Microsoft outsider-insider Mary-Jo Foley at ZDNet
+ more at Quesabesde, ephotozine, et al
+ on the R&D front, CNet has spotted a flexible stretchable prototype/R&D device...

Random R&D Idea
... Maybe if this stretchable gadgets idea is successful, could this technology eventually move to cameras? How about implementing zoom or focus by stretching flexible/bendable parts of the camera? [other than the lens that is!]. Think of holding one of the current superzoom fixed lens cameras of today with both hands. Instead of pressing zoom buttons or reaching for the lens, you instead zoom by stretching the camera body outwards to zoom out and stretch it inwards to zoom in ;-) Not necessarily stretch it to the point of deforming it, but perhaps the device can recognize the gestures? This segment is brought to you by Noisy R&D Labs ;-)

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