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October 04, 2011

No iPhone 5, but new iPhone 4S with 8mp backlit CMOS w/f2.4 lens

There was no new iPhone 5 today, but Apple announced a new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 4S with a dual-core processor, an 8mp camera (3264x2448) with a backlit sensor and a f2.4 lens with five elements, 1080p video with some form of video stabilization, faster capture. Apple joked about the shutter lag times of select Android smartphones (Bionic, Sensation, Galaxy II).

The new 4S will come out in mid-October at the usual prices, with the new 64GB model going for $400 under contract. Both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3Gs will remain in the line-up for $100 and $0 respectively with the usual two year contracts.

Lots of Apple coverage at all the major tech/gadget blogs and rounded-up at Techmeme. Some of the websites (including are intermittently going up and down because of the increased interest. Check some of them out at 9to5 Mac, #1 iPhone blog, MacWorld, Engadget, Gizmodo, gdgt, Ars Technica, et al.

Post-game show at Engadget and in-studio discussion/analysis at Twit.TV including Andy Ihnanko and Alex Lindsay at MacBreak Weekly and Tech News Today.

Related indirectly to the world of photography was the announcement of a new postcard/greeting-card app, which could cut both ways. It could take away sales from others, or make postcards trendy again and lift the whole market. mentioned that news of this had sent the stock prices of postcard-related companies down.

Here is a sampling of reactions to the iPhone 4S announcement: Splat F, TTLG, Cateto blog, CNet Asia (killer camera but not camera killer), Derrick Story.

UPDATE: Image Sensors World writes that Oppenheimer (PDF file) speculates that the imaging sensor is made by Omnivision. Previous rumorcensus (rumor + consensus) piggy-backed on Sony's CEO comment that the sensor would be a Sony sensor. But the Sony CEO could have been referring to a different version of the iPhone, one that perhaps has not come out yet, or perhaps Apple's plans changed?

UPDATE #2: This is My Next Verge has a hands-on first impressions with the new iPhone 4S!

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