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October 18, 2011

Mobile Noise (iPhone 4S vs many cameras, Ice Cream edits photos, 500px on iPad)

Our research department has determined (through the use of a series of coin tosses) that this mobile thing is not just a trendy fad and it is likely here to stay, so we are launching a new segment, "Mobile Noise", that will round-up stories of interest to mobile photographers.

We start with an 8-page smartphone camera shootout, iPhone 4S vs the Android Elite (Galaxy S II, Bionic, Sensation, etc) at PC World. The Nikon Coolpix P300 is used as the control subject. The page-change buttons are tiny, so you may have to hunt for them. They are above the YES/NO buttons.

A lot of the tech/gadget blogs have been singing the praises of the iPhone 4S camera, so, the wedding photographer at Dreamtime Images decided to put these claims to the test by comparing the 4S with select Canon dSLRs and Panasonic P&S cameras. We won't spoil the findings here...

The Digital Story dedicates their latest podcast to the evaluation of the iPhone 4S camera. The podcast is half an hour long.

Meanwhile, Les Numeriques has added 4S studio test shots to their database, so now you can compare it to any other camera in their system.

On the video front, Robino Films compared the 1080p video of the 4S and the 5D Mark II. Oh my? (via Peta Pixel)

There is a big Google-Samsung-Android event tonight/tomorrow (10pm New York City time on Tuesday, 10am Hong Kong time on Wednesday) in Hong Kong that will likely reveal the new unified (tablet/phones) version of Android which is rumored to have a built-in picture editor writes The Android Police. You can watch the event live on YouTube and/or if you want independent commentary, will be covering it live. And I'm sure many of the gadget blogs will also. If you want spoilers, there are already leakages out, check Techmeme.

500px has been generating a lot of buzz lately, and they have now launched an app for the iPad. Tablets, with more resolution and screen size are better suited for enjoying photographs than phones. Tech Crunch posted their first impressions of the 500px iPad app, which you can get for free from iTunes.

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