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October 20, 2011

Canon 1D X updates (interview with CPS Spain, forum reactions, in-depth article on megapixels)

Now that the initial Canon 1D X dust has settled, time to check some of the latest action that was not included in our announcement-day round-up...

+ Quesabesde (computer-translatese) talks to Canon CPS of Spain about the 1D X and also notes that the camera will be at the Canon Pro Solutions in London (October 25-26)
+ Hogan opines on October-18-2011 on his website (still no permalinks)
+ Wide Open Camera opines on video compression
+ Image Sensors World summarizes the sensor specs based on the CPN documentation
+ "I was right!" exclaims Foto-Biz

In-depth article alert!!!
+ 8-page technical PDF article speculating the need for a 32+ megapixel sensor by "tjshot" at the CanonRumors forum (link to PDF file at the bottom of the first post; the 8-page article is not in the text of the forum discussion)

+ what do 1D Mark IV users think about the 1D X?
+ how will the prices of the 1D Mark IV and 1Ds Mark III be affected by the 1D X? at dpreview Canon full-frame forum
+ a "qualified YES" by David Franklin at the dpreview Canon full-frame forum
+ quantum opinion: what's wrong and not wrong at the same time at dpreview Canon full frame forum
+ how will the larger pixel size of the 1D X affect image quality? - in the CanonRumors forum
+ where else will the 18mp 35mmFF sensor go to? - at CanonRumors forum
+ what should we expect for the October 26 announcement? - at CanonRumors forum
+ mega-thread (29 pages since announcement) at Fred Miranda (FM) forums
+ do you play to buy it (discussion + poll) at Fred Miranda forums
+ you can touch and try the 1D X at the CPS Pro Solutions 2011 in London (Oct 25-26) according to a Canon CPN email invite posted in the Fred Miranda forums
+ discussion on AF points at Fred Miranda forums
+ will there be a 1Ds X for studio/landscape photographers? - speculation at FM forums
+ 1D X mega-thread (since announcement) at Luminous Landscape camera forum (they don't break them down by manufacturer)
+ 1D X mega-thread (since announcement) at Photography On The Net (POTN) forums
+ who is upgrading to the 1D X at POTN forums
+ tired of 1D X threads at POTN forums - a sign of increased/increasing interest in the camera?

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