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October 22, 2011

Also (Thailand updates, OlympusGate, CPS for emerging pros, etc)

And now time to round-up some of the latest news. We start with the natural disasters in Thailand. Obviously the most important issue is the safety and recovery of the people in the region. On the camera front, Nikon has issued a more detailed statement (see Pop Photo, Galbraith, Pixiq, et al). Amateur Photographer UK notes that a very significant percentage of Nikon DSLRs and lenses are made in Thailand.

Please note that different cameras and lenses packaged for different regions are usually in different stages. The reports are talking about future production. Some supplies may already be in-transit to different countries and retailers and those are obviously not affected.

Canon, Nikon and Sony have donated over 100 million yen to relief efforts notes Foto Actualidad.

As a result of the natural disasters there will be hard disks shortages and potential price increases on the horizon according to various sources. Follow the updates on that via Techmeme.

On the OlympusGate front, the former CEO is asking for police protection according to Amateur Photographer UK. The nearly $700 million fee mystery continues, on-going coverage can be found at Amateur Photographer UK, with the latest update from Reuters now saying it has been traced to the home address of a Wall Street banker in Florida. Banker was traveling (or "traveling") and not available for comment.

The best line so far on the OlympusGate front comes from EOS-HD, "Four Thirds of the money disappears".

New Gear and New Services
+ new Aletta second generation dSLR stabilizers for all major brands are coming says Aletta founder
+ three new Canon Pixma do-it-all-Paul printers - via Canon PR
+ if you are an emerging photographer, Canon is launching a Professional Services program for emerging photographers and will have a CPS lounge at the upcoming Photo Plus trade show in New York - press release at Imaging Resource

Lightning round
+ confession time, Adobe's "wow" deblurring demo used synthetic blur - via dpreview
+ the secondary (front VGA camera) in the iPhone4S is by Omnivision reveals Chipworks teardown (via ISW)
+ speaking of Omnivision, here are their market share pie charts - via Image Sensors World
+ Nik Software named among fastest growing companies by Deloitte (where did Touche go?) - via PMA Newsline
+ one way to deal with high-megapixel RAW files - new 1TB OCZ SSD drive - via CNet Crave Asia
+ @FujiGuys say Fuji was #2 in market share in Canada in September 2011
+ 6sight imaging conference videos available online - via Iamge Sensors World
+ five years of Eneloop(s) - via PiXiQ

+ Ricoh GRD III firmware 2.5 via Photoscala et al
+ Fuji X100 version 1.11 is out say @FujiGuys
+ Panasonic GF3 and G3 - via dpreview et al
+ and many more that we missed

Special Editions
+ Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium edition at Imaging Resource
+ Olympus Japan was offering special edition wooden grips with the E-P3 - via

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