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October 06, 2011

Also (Lytro in production, JVC hybrid, A900 happy trails, Toshi camcorders, etc)

And now time to round-up some of the other related news, newsbytes and newsbits, in lightning round format...

+ some more details on the new Sigma 18-250mm Mark II superzoom lens with FLD - via dpreview

+ Sony Alpha A900 is official discontinued, via Foto Actualidad

+ Lytro light field photography camera going into production - via All Things Mossberg, Pop Photo, Peta Pixel, et al

+ JVC's second stills/video hybrid creature invading the USA market for $900 - via dpreview, Engadget, Imaging Resource, et al

+ Kodak launches special Breast Cancer Awareness edition of the C1530 Easyshare camera - via Imaging Resource

+ Toshiba reveals three new Camileo camcorders - via Photography Blog, DCR, et al. (is Toshiba slowly making a return to camera/video gear?)

+ Rollei launches flexipod that looks like a cross between an insect and a robot - via Imaging Resource et al

+ Crime Repor(t): Alpa gear stolen in Zurich, serial numbers of stolen gear included via Iron Creek Photography

+ Photographer-blogger-author Kirk Tuck decides to retire from blogging - too bad because he provided unique and thought-provoking commentary

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