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September 23, 2011

Sony Alpha A77 test results at DxoMark

It is measurement-a-geddon time for the Sony Alpha A77 pellicle-mirror DSLR! The highly anticipated A700 replacement has now been tested out at DXoMark! You can see the summary of their findings along with the detailed A77 test results!

As usual, you can use the DxoMark database to compare to up to three cameras of your choice. The user interface has changed and added more filtering and functionality! Here are some pre-filled comparisons:

+ feature or bug: for every new comparison you create or visit, the previous cameras linger around unchecked in the "My Camera Selection" box. Page down to the "View comparisons for checked cameras" section to see the actual 3-way comparisons
+ A77 vs A35 vs A55 - pellicle mirror party
+ A77 vs NEX-C3 vs NEX-5 - vs the NEXxies
+ A77 vs A580 vs A700 - vs "proper" DSLRs
+ A77 vs A850 vs A900 - vs the 35mm full frame sensors
+ A77 vs Canon 60D vs 7D - vs Canon APS-C
+ A77 vs Canon 1D Mark IV vs 5D Mark II - vs Canon Big Guns
+ A77 vs Nikon D700 vs D7000 - vs Nikon darlings
+ A77 vs Olympus E-P3 vs Panasonic GH2 - vs M43rds darlings
+ A77 vs Pentax K5 vs 645D - vs Pentax darlings
+ please note the A65, NEX-7 and NEX-5n have not been "DXomark'ed" yet
+ please note DXomark evaluates the RAW data from the camera sensors, it is not an end-to-end camera system evaluation

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