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September 01, 2011

New Samsung NX200 is officially revealed (new 20mp mirrorless)

After multiple leakages, the new Samsung NX200 is officially official, Samsung's fifth mirrorless NX-system camera and the first of their "2nd" generation. The "2" may also stand for 20 as in 20-megapixels, with Samsung leap-frogging Canon for the #2 spot on the "APS-C megapixels leaderboard"! The camera has been made available to multiple websites, so there are quite a few previews out...

NX200 Previews, Hands-ons and Samples
+ six page preview with full-size samples at d-preview (more p-reviews than reviews?)
+ full-size trade-show floor samples at LensTip
+ hands-on with the four new lenses (16,60,85,18-200) now at dpnow now
+ 3-minute video preview and spec-sheet comparison at CNet News
+ ephotozine
+ Imaging Resource
+ preview including 104-second video hands-on at Am Pho UK
+ multiple pictures of the camera body at Phjotography Blog
+ hands-on with camera and lenses at ThePhoBlographer (below the specs)

Samples with NX200 and upcoming lenses
+ with 16mm f2.4 lens at LensTip
+ with 60mm f2.8 macro OIS SSA ED at LensTip

NX200 Press Release Parade
+ Imaging Insider
+ Imaging Recourse
+ Am Pho UK
+ Photography Blog
+ DC Resource
+ dpnow
+ Focus Numerique
+ Le Monde de la Photo

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