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September 30, 2011

Opinion Soup (sensor sizes, lens flaws, street photography, mirrorless, camera wishes, Imatest reality check, etc)

And now the time has come for another opinions round-up! Please note that opinions are those of their writers, written within the context of the time and space continuum at the time of writing. Keep in mind, reasonable minds can differ, but the one who shouts the loudest is probably right ;-)

+ how to detect physical flaws in a used camera lens at Petapixel
+ the benefits of street photography with a rangefinder by Eric Kim Photography
+ is the future mirrorless? - at PhotoXels
+ are DSLRs endangered species? - at Sound Image Plus
+ rapid-fire opinion on 12 hot new cameras at Photographic Central
+ photographers and choice of gear at Visual Science Lab
+ Micro Four Thirds is the Big Kahuna at TOP
+ Four Thirds - the end or the beginning? - at Zone 10
+ why would you want a high end compact? - by Derrick Story
+ ten reasons to love the Sony FS100 at Wide Open Camera
+ something "reassuring" about a DSLR at Sound Image Plus

+ Imatest Reality Check at NeoCamera
+ 13 things your camera wishes you knew at Improve Photography
+ on sensor sizes at TOP (MJ) and TOP (Ctein)
+ crop factor vs teleconverter at Nothing Special
+ why I don't want more megapixels by Terry White

Software and Computers
+ What if Steve Jobs was the CEO of a camera company? - at Peta Pixel
+ Is Apple turning its back on photographers asks Photocritic (Pixiq)
+ favorite mobile imaging apps (Apple/iOS) by TheAppWhisperer at dpreview photography school

Video for Photographers
+ Video on DSLRs not for me says Photocritic at Pixiq
+ why photo/video pros could move to consumer electronics if Canon/Nikon don't up their game at EOS-HD
+ why DSLR audio recording sucks at Cameradojo

+ speaking to photography students is necessary and self-revealing at Visual Science Lab
+ ten books to recharge the creative mind by Chase Jarvis
+ how not to do street photography by Erik Kim Photography
+ why do photographers love Tumblr? - at PDN Online
+ the arms of photographers at The Photoleteriat
+ make a mistake on purpose at Zone 10

+ nine ways to piss off a photo assistant at Photo Shelter
+ how to use DMCA to fight copyright infringement by PhotoAttorney at dpreview photography school
+ the reasons your photography blog is failing at Photopreneur
+ using Kickstarter to crowdfund your photo project at Photoshelter and 14 tips at Photoshelter also
+ estimates for magazine article reprints at A Photo Editor
+ how much should I charge? a 15-min video via A Photo Editor

Fun times
+ how to win an argument on a forum at Visual Science Lab
+ you might be a photographer if... - at Improve Photography
+ on a specific portrait editing software ad at Duck Rabbit Info
+ humor in pictures and the photographer - at Visual Science Labs
+ 15 more signs you are a real photographer now at Black Star Rising
+ holding the camera not included - at Peta Pixel

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